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Boston Celtics Rated as Fourth Favorite Team in City’s Pecking Order in Latest Sports Survey

August 21st, 2013 at 3:46 PM
By Sean Melia

The Boston Celtics, the winningest franchise in Boston and the NBA, came up short in a recent survey released by Chanel Media and Market Research. In the survey fans were asked a slew of questions, both about the Boston sports landscape and others focused more specifically on each team.

Fans were asked if they could only follow one team, which one would they choose. Only 11% of fans said the Celtics, while 44% picked the New England Patriots, 29% picked the Boston Red Sox, and 13% picked the Boston Bruins. 

The Celtics were the favorite team of only 10% of those questioned, the Revolution earned 5%, while the Patriots dominated with 42% of that vote.

Doc Rivers was only second to Bill Belichick as the most admired coach or manager, garnering 28% of the vote. Sadly, Doc is no longer with the Celtics. The ownership also earned some praise, as 23% of the people questioned thought they were doing a good job. Obviously, Bob Kraft was first with 42%. In a huge upset Jeremy Jacobs beat out Red Sox ownership for third place. 

The survey also asked about specific players on the Celtics. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were the most respected, earning 28% and 26%. Rajon Rondo was third with 18%, Brandon Bass and Avery Bradley were fourth and fifth in the poll.

The overall rating of the team on a scale of one (poor) to seven (excellent), 34% gave them a five. 28% of the votes fell between one and four.

Clearly, surveys given in the middle of the summer are built to favor the Red Sox and Patriots, as those teams are firmly in the sports conscious. It would be interesting to see what this survey might have looked like last spring, or two springs ago.

Alas, the Celtics have found their way to the bottom of the ladder. Winning seems to change people's minds. There is no greater example of that than seeing Jeremy Jacobs favored over any other owner in Boston.

To see the full survey results, go here, and download the it.  

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