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Boston Celtics Summer Camp Part 8: Phil Pressey

August 7th, 2013 at 9:00 AM
By Sean Melia

Phil Pressey earned a spot on the Boston Celtics through his impressive Summer League display in Orlando. He was undrafted and ran one of the most explosive offenses in college basketball at Missouri. He's a spritely point guard that loves to attack on the break and break down defenders off the dribble. 

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His summer started early, and now he's left with the prospect of playing a lot of basketball if Rajon Rondo does not recover as fast as Danny Ainge believes he will. ESPN's John Hollinger is projecting that Rondo will only play 38 games this upcoming season. It's plausible that the number will fall between 82 games and 38 games. If that's the case, then Pressey will have to learn quickly.

So what should Pressey be working on leading up to training camp? Plenty.

He'll need to find ways to limit the disadvantage he'll have due to his size. He stands at 5'10'' and 165 pounds, much like Nate Robinson. What has Nate Robinson done to remain in the league? He does not shoot at a high rate, from anywhere on the court. He doesn't create for teammates, he does not take care of the ball extremely effectively. However, his energy, defense, and streaky play made him a player that has both maddened and pleased multiple fan bases.

Phil Pressey can potentially do the same. During Nate Robinson's rookie year he scored 9.3 points, shot 40%, and had a nearly 1:1 assist to turnover ratio. Somehow, none of those numbers have changed over his eight year career. The biggest improvement over the course of his career is his assist to turnover ratio, and that's where Phil Pressey will have to find his niche, take care of the basketball while also creating for teammates and playing at the pace that found him success at Missouri. 

Pressey's turnover ratio was in the top five while playing at Missouri. Pressey needs to use the remainder of his summer to watch film, both of himself in college and of his peers in the NBA. He needs to find the perfect way to blend his pace, size, and talent. His size will be used against him in the NBA, he needs to find a way to utilize that size, he could potentially be a big part of this roster if Rondo's knee does not heal as fast as Danny Ainge believes. 

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