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Part 2: Looking Back at Reggie Lewis’ Time with the Boston Celtics

July 24th, 2013 at 4:00 PM
By Sean Melia

Earlier today we looked at Reggie Lewis' draft in 1987. Red Auerbach found another diamond in the rough. This diamond took a while to develop, however, over the course of his time with the Boston Celtics Reggie Lewis grew and improved. 

'TD Garden // Boston' photo (c) 2010, Achim Hepp - license:

The skinny kid from Baltimore did not see much time in his rookie year. However, after that, due to Larry Bird's deteriorating health, he earned big minutes from 1988-1993. He played 30+ minutes and never scored less than 17 points per game in any of his five meaningful seasons. 

During the 1992 playoffs, it was announced that the Boston Garden would be replaced with a new building. The theme of the interview below, with a conservatively dressed Craig Sager, was that this building would be christened by a new Celtic. The Big Three were on their way out, and Reggie Lewis' time was coming. 

One moment that stuck out in this video comes at the 1:32 mark. Sager asks Lewis about becoming the leader of the Celtics. Lewis' answer is exactly the type of response Celtics fan would want from Rajon Rondo. Lewis talks about earning The Big Three's respect and he says "without them, I wouldn't be right here today." 

Enjoy the clip and check back in tomorrow for a video that shows that Reggie Lewis might have been Michael Jordan's kryptonite…


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