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Marshon Brooks is Ready to Be a Boston Celtic

July 16th, 2013 at 8:30 AM
By Sean Melia

MarShon Brooks was drafted two summers ago by the Boston Celtics, then shipped to the Brooklyn Nets on draft night. In his rookie year, after scoring in bunches at Providence college, Brooks played nearly 30 minutes a game and scored 12.6 points. Then Joe Johnson came to town, meaning Brooks lost playing time, only seeing the floor for 12.5 minutes, and only scoring 5 points. A similar story to Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace; they all lost playing time in 2012-13 after productive 2011-12 seasons. 

'MarShon Brooks & Marco Belinelli' photo (c) 2013, Shinya Suzuki - license:

Let's take a look at some strengths and weaknesses in Brooks' game as Celtic Nation welcomes him aboard. 

Three things fans will like about Brooks.

  • Buckets

MarShon Brooks is a stellar scorer. He can get to the hoop and his length is a huge asset in getting clean looks at the basket. He scored 24 points per game in his senior year, trailing only Jimmer Fredette. 

  • Wants to learn

MarShon did not seem to harbor ill-will towards Joe Johnson, who swooped in and took most of his playing time. In an interview with Marc D'Amico, MarShon said he learned a lot from Johnson, specifically how he navigates the game and plays at his own pace.

The interview also highlighted Brooks' excitement to go head-to-head with defensive whiz Avery Bradley everyday in practice, "it's gonna make us both better… I could watch him and pick up some things from him as well."

Brooks spent four years at Providence College and improved immensely, and his senior year was his coming out party. As he enters his third year, it's quite possible he is going to continue to get better.

  • His ability to mesh with Rondo

Brooks is a player that likes the ball in his hand, but he is not terribly comfortable in that position. as proven by his turnover stats. In his rookie year he had 2.1 turnovers per game, and only 2.3 assists. That ratio did not get much better his second year. In less playing time he turned the ball over .9 times a game and 1.0 assists.

With Rondo running the point and creating shots, Brooks will not have to handle the ball as much. Allowing him to catch and shoot, while also continuing his threat to get to the basketball without worrying about always providing for his teammates.

Three things that will drive fans crazy:

  • His inability to distribute the ball.

While Brooks will not have to handle the ball too much, he will be a maddening offensive player at times. He'll only look for his shot, and he may not be able to be paired with Bradley, because it will make for a very stagnant offense.

It is tough to feel great about Bradley and Brooks, considering their divergent talents. It will create mismatches for opponents, but also for themselves. Brad Stevens will have his hands full.

  • Defense

Brooks is still working on his defensive skills. He's long, allowing him to contest shots, but at 200 pounds, guarding larger players could be tricky. He was also known in college for taking chances on defense, leaving him out of position. Hopefully, him and Rondo can sync up and not spend too much time jumping passing lanes this season.

  • His demeanor

Sometimes fans in Boston want players that look like they care at all times. Kevin Garnett is a great example. MarShon is a smooth, easy going kid that will not get too high or too low. When things go bad, fans want to see players get upset. Brooks is not like that. He will let things roll of his back and move on. That trait might be more valuable if this team hits some rough patches.

Final Verdict:

MarShon Brooks will be a more watchable Jordan Crawford. He'll be less mercurial and will not leave fans pulling their hair out too much. 

Stevens has some interesting complementary pieces in place with Rondo, Brooks, Bradley, and even Jeff Green. Maybe he'll trot out some small line-ups with Jared Sullinger playing center.

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