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Brad Stevens Visits Rajon Rondo, Launching Their Working Relationship

July 12th, 2013 at 9:41 AM
By Sean Melia

Brad Stevens was introduced to the Boston media a week ago. His past seven days have been spent talking, and talking, and talking some more. He watched some future Celtics play in Orlando, granted endless interviews,  and ended the first week as the Boston Celtics' head coach with a visit to Louisville. No he was not there to get advice from Rick Pitino about addressing the media in Boston.

'Coach Stevens talks to AJ Graves.' photo (c) 2008, Bradjward - license:

Instead, according to Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe, Stevens made the trip to visit with his mercurial point guard, Rajon Rondo at his summer camp. 

Brad Stevens had a busy week, proving himself to players and the media in general. It feels as if he is campaigning for a job he already has. Stevens' kind and sensitive demeanor is great, and it stands in contrast to the energetic Rick Pitino, who came to the Celtics with a hubris the size of the Prudential Building. Pitino's stint was short-lived and marked a low point in the franchise's history.

The decision to visit with Rondo hopefully paid off for the new young coach. Rondo's leadership, while still developing and growing, is going to be extremely valuable if Stevens hopes to connect with the team. In an interview with Marc D'Amico of Stevens said, "there are ups and downs in sports. During those downs you're going to need a great working environment."

It seems like Stevens is very focused on creating that great working environment here in Boston. There will be downs this season, but if Stevens continues to reach out and be positive, especially with his All-Star point guard, those downs might be much shorter and the ups much longer. Making those cold winter months in Boston more bearable. 

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