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Shawn Thornton Hoping Gregory Campbell “ready to Go for the Start of the Camp”

August 12th, 2013 at 4:05 PM
By Tim ODonnell

Boston Bruins forward Shawn Thornton hosted his annual "Putts and Punches" golf tournament today. The tournament benefits the Shawn Thornton Foundation, the American Parkinson Disease Association and the Boston Bruins Foundation. While there Thornton spoke about seeing Gregory Campbell recently and the progress the injured center has made.

"He was at the house. He was in town for something and I lent him my car because he's to cheap to rent one, so he was over the house couple weeks ago," Thornton said. "He looks pretty good. He's up, walking around and he said he's been working out. He looks god, so I'm hoping he's ready to go for the start of camp."

It's been just over two months since Campbell suffered a season-ending broken leg while blocking a shot in the Eastern Conference Finals. He became a Bruins legend by staying on the ice for a minute and helping to kill off a penalty.

Apparently Campbell has made great progress in his recover and looks like he'll be ready for training camp. This is great news as the Bruins missed Campbell during the Stanley Cup Finals.

Training camp opens September 11.

photo credit: slidingsideways via photopin cc

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