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Meet Carl Soderberg: the Man Who Could Solve the Third Line Woes

March 8th, 2013 at 12:37 PM
By Tim ODonnell

Last night, Darren Dreger reported that former second round pick Carl Soderberg has expressed interest in joining the Boston Bruins. Peter Chiarelli later confirmed that the two sides have been talking.

"We've been trying for five years to get him over here and it's finally close," Chiarelli said. "He's had a hell of a year and he's grown into a big strong kid now, a man, and he's told us that he feels he's ready now. He's a good player, big strong player. There are still some steps to go, but it looks good."

The Bruins acquired Soderberg from the St. Louis Blue for Hannu Toivonen in 2007. But Soderberg has yet to leave Sweden. He hasn't even attended a NHL training camp.

But it seems the time is finally right. Soderberg. He had his best season in the Swedish Elite League, posting 31 goals and 60 points in 54 games. At 6-foot-3, 210 pounds, Soderberg fits the Bruins mold perfectly: a big body that can score. The 27-year old will not join the Bruins until his team, Linkoping, finishes their playoffs, scheduled to start next week.

Soderberg could be the answer that the Bruins have been looking for on the third line. The Chris Bourque experiment ended yesterday when he was placed on waivers. The Bruins have some internal options (Jay Pandolfo, Daniel Paille, Ryan Spooner), but Soderberg makes the most sense.

"He's big and offensively skilled, and obviously he's having a monster season over in Europe this year," Chiarelli said.

If or when Soderberg joins the Bruins, there might be an adjustment period. We all saw how Tyler Seguin had to readjust back to the NHL after playing overseas during the lockout. Soderberg might have the same problem.

Hopefully Soderberg does finally make his NHL and can solve the Bruins third line problems. Chiarelli hasn't ruled out any trades even if Soderberg arrives.

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