Casino slots can certainly be overwhelming, especially rows upon rows of hundreds of games over at 666casino. For some people this is their idea of heaven, but for the humble casino slot beginner it can be more like a vision of hell. Not to worry though, this is where we step in with a quick-fire beginners guide to casino slot.

Slot Type

In the casino there are two types of slot machine – reel slots and video slots. The former is going to be the one you encounter most in the casino, it works with physical reels that are spun via a lever. This is what all slot machines would have looked like before the rapid surge of technology brought us video slots in the late 90s. Video slots work on a screen and can either be found in the casino or online. They often possess stunning animations and visuals as well as a set of bonus symbols such as Wilds and Scatters that are non-existent on reel slots.

Common Slot Terms

Casino slot vocabulary will almost certainly seem completely outlandish to a novice. Here is a short round up of some of the most important terms you’re bound to come across:


  • Autospin: Not hard to work this one out. With the autospin feature on the player does not have to keep pushing the spin button – the machine will nicely do this for you.
  • Bet Max: This is the maximum number of credits a punter can bet with on a machine. Each one is slightly different so it is important to take this into account.
  • Betting Units: These correspond to the denomination listed on the machine. For instance 1 credit can equal 0.01 or 0.10 depending on what you choose.
  • Pay Table: This is indicative of all the possible ways to win – very useful for beginners.

Be Responsible

It goes without saying, but one of the key things to remember with casino slots – especially as a beginner – is to be responsible with your gambling. As a beginner you may end up losing money, do not chase your losses if this happens, we cannot stress this enough. Set yourself a strict budget and stick to it – there is nothing worse than losing a whole load of money with absolutely nothing to show for it. Just be sensible.

How Do I Win?

Now for the fun part… how on Earth do you win at the casino slots? Well, as they are largely random machines there is no real answer to this question. There are however some tips and tricks that may help you on your way. Primarily it is advised to bet in small denominations – whilst this makes it harder to win big it also will keep you playing for longer. Another tactic is to count the average number of spins before a win, with this information you can then bet strategically.