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A Look at the New NFL Rule Changes for 2014-2015

March 26th, 2014 at 6:48 PM
By Andrew McIntyre

Well, get ready for some more rule changes to the NFL. Last year we saw kickoffs get moved back, player's safety increase, and the dismissal of the "tuck rule". This year there are some new changes we will have to get used to as the NFL owners have passed seven of the possible 13 rule changes for the 2014-2015 season.

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Let's take a look at the new rule changes:

  1. Field-goal posts will now be extended upwards by five feet. This will allow there to be less controversy if the ball goes directly over the upright. (Also known as the Justin Tucker rule)
  2. Extra point kicks will be brought back to the 20-yard line for the first two preseason games. This is an experiment that the league wants to try as they feel the kicks are too automatic. The ball for extra points was previously placed at the two-yard line.
  3. The NFL is starting to move to a centralized location for replays. Referees are now able to contact and discuss replays with the officiating department in New York. This should help speed up the whole process as well as provide more accuracy.
  4. Recovery of a loose ball in the field of play will now be reviewable. This rule puts less pressure on the referees and helps the game be decided more fairly.
  5. The clock will continue to move after a quarterback has been sacked outside of two minutes. 
  6. Penalties will be handed out for "rolling up" on a defender. Now a player cannot go low at the back of the legs of a player as well as his side.
  7. Goal-post dunks will not be allowed. Say goodbye to watching Jimmy Graham try to tear down the upright or 300 pound defensive lineman attempting to dunk. The NFL will penalize players who dunk over the goal-post.

Some failed proposals include moving kick-offs to the 40 yard line, allowing coach's challenges on every play, and allowing instant replay review for personal fouls. 

Some proposals that are still up for discussion include the removal of preseason overtime, the expansion of the practice squad roster, and adding cameras to the goal lines, side lines and end lines.

Overall there was a lot to talk about and some changes were made. Some of the new rules will benefit the game, while others take away some of the fun from the game. More rules could eventually be implemented so we will be sure to keep you posted.

What are your thoughts on the new rule changes? Let us know by commenting below or by sending us a message via social media.

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