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Are Fantasy Football Numbers Keeping Joe Flacco from Being Labeled a “Superstar”?

July 2nd, 2013 at 12:40 PM
By Josh Michael

If you have been a Baltimore Ravens fan or admirer since their inception in 1996 then you know that the Purple and Black have always been known as a hard nose and old school type of team. Current Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco represents that idea of old school, but is his inability to put up great Fantasy Football numbers keeping him from being labeled as a "Superstar"?

'Joe Flacco Pass During Super Bowl XLVII' photo (c) 2013, Au Kirk - license:

Old school is exactly what Flacco is, and that is why most of Baltimore loves him. He shows up to work hard everyday, starts every game and finds a way to win the game. It is no secret that he is not the 5,000 yard passer in a season that say a Drew Brees or Tom Brady is, but have either of them been to the playoffs every year for the past five years? NOPE!

Flacco is never one of the top quarterbacks chosen in any Fantasy Football draft because he does not put up gaudy passing yardage numbers, doesn't throw for a high number of touchdowns, does not run for high yardage and has thrown double digit interceptions every year of his career. In the Fantasy Football world, he is not a high priority, and that will always be the case until Fantasy Football leagues begin to issue points for winning the game, because that would catapult Flacco near the top.

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If someone asked you to name the top five quarterbacks in the league, no doubt 99% of you would ultimately name the top five Fantasy Football quarterbacks and not the actual BEST five quarterbacks in the NFL. What makes a great quarterback? Despite many people's beliefs, it is not Fantasy Football numbers, but their ability to throw in tight windows, their ability to make all of the throws, lead their team in the crucial situations, be a professional both on and off the field and ultimately they all get paid to do one thing….WIN THE GAME!

Our Ravens quarterback has all of the aforementioned tangibles, yet he does not get the hype of one of the leagues best. What makes Flacco even better is the fact the he does not care what the media or NFL experts think. In an interview with WNST last offseason, Flacco said he believed he was the best quarterback in the league and ultimately it is his opinion and his alone that matters to him.

Often overlooked in this whole idea of Flacco's Fantasy numbers are not good enough so he is not among the league's greats is that Joe has had one thing that few other of these high profile Fantasy Football quarterbacks have had, and that is a running game behind him. When was the last time you saw Brees, Brady, or Aaron Rodgers turnaround and hand the ball off 30 times in a game and for that to be effective in helping the team win?

Just win, and that is what Flacco does. He has a career record of 54-26 in the regular season and 9-4 in the playoffs! He has been to three AFC Championship games and of course, won Super Bowl XLVII and was named the MVP. He had one of the most impressive playoff runs of any quarterback in NFL history this season as the threw for 1,140 yards with 11 touchdowns and ZERO interceptions. In his last eight postseason games which stretch back to the 2010 season, he has thrown for 18 touchdowns against just two interceptions.

That sounds like a Superstar in every sense of the word, but until the football world can drag themselves away from the concept of great Fantasy Football players equal great NFL players, Flacco will always be overlooked as one of the league's best.


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