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The Orioles are one flawed team among many in the AL wild card hunt

August 8th, 2017 at 1:30 PM
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There are just 50 games left for the Orioles to play this season. They have finally gotten themselves back to a .500 record after about six weeks slumming in sub-.500 territory. This does not sound like any part of a recipe to contend for anything relating to the postseason, and yet, the O’s woke up this morning just a game and a half out of the second wild card spot.

The way the Orioles have played this season is what makes this idea tough to really wrap your head around. O’s fans are well-acquainted with the team’s flaws. That’s centered mostly, though not completely, around what has been a miserable starting rotation, still the worst in the American League despite a decent stretch over the last couple of weeks.

Prior to the trade deadline, there were a lot of assumptions made, including by me, that the O’s really had no chance to compete because they have too many problems to overcome. While they still have plenty of time to fade back out of the picture, their performance over the first week since the deadline has repudiated a lot of the skeptics.

It’s still going to be a tough thing to pull off. Although the Orioles are only 1.5 games out, they do still have three teams to pass. They have one of the toughest remaining schedules out of all of the postseason contenders, with the Royals, currently sitting in the wild card spot, having the easiest remaining schedule.

Save for the trade deadline additions of Jeremy Hellickson and Tim Beckham, their flaws are all going to have to be fixed by the same people who have been around all season.

The good news for the Orioles is this: The rest of the wild card contenders are in the same boat. Everywhere you look among …

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