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Orioles101 Mailbag: Roster Continues to Be a Focus, and Some Direct Questions to Our Editor

May 11th, 2014 at 6:30 AM
By Josh Michael

It is growing into a weekly tradition here at Orioles 101 to present our Orioles 101 mailbag on Sunday's as our followers and readers continue to bring in questions left and right so we will shoot to continue this as a weekly thing since everyone seems to enjoy it.

This week we were flooded with questions surrounding the Baltimore Orioles roster with the Matt Wieters injury and the pending return of Chris Davis, as well as some folks asking our editor specific questions as well, so let's get to it shall we?

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When Chris Davis returns, who get's moved out?

This is now a very tough question to answer as the simple answer last week would have been Jemile Weeks, but he was optioned in order to make room for Caleb Joseph in lieu of the Wieters news. To further complicate the issue, Steve Pearce has been playing very well at first base and has had some big time contributions at the plate, so it is tough to see the Orioles letting him go…again. Delmon Young has hit well at the plate this season, but his at bats are going to be limited while Wieters has to serve as the DH while he rests his elbow.

Ultimately, the answer is depends. When Davis does return, the odd man out will depend on if Wieters is able to catch by that time, because if so, Joseph is the obvious man out, but if Wieters can't catch yet, we could see one of three players get optioned: Ryan Flaherty, Jonathan Schoop or David Lough. Here us out here. By optioning one of those three players, that allows you to keep Pearce and Young, and when the time comes that Wieters can catch again, Joseph can be optioned to clear the way for Flaherty, Schoop or Lough to return.

Will Zach Britton get a crack at the starting rotation?

Only two people know the answer to this question, Buck Showalter and Dave Wallace. We do believe however, that if Britton is to get a chance at the rotation that it would have to come soon as the longer he gets used to pitching out of the pen and going one or two innings, the more difficult it will be to stretch him out again without serious risk to injury. We have no doubt that Miguel Gonzalez is probably to most replacable pitcher in the rotation right now, so his performance over the next start or two will go a long way in determing if Britton will get his shot.

'Ripken Stadium appreciates the military' photo (c) 2010, Aberdeen Proving Ground - license:

Directed towards our Editor: What affiliate has the most enjoyable experience while at a game?

To be honest here, it is hard to find any Minor League affiliate anywhere that does not produce a great experience while at the ballpark as the Minor Leagues are much more fan focused in regards to events and things to do while at the game. If you have never gone to a Minor League game, I highly encourage you to do so, it's a wonderful experience.

In regards to Orioles' affiliates, while all of them are great and offer their own unique experience, in the end we would give the nod to the Aberdeen Ironbirds. Ripken Stadium is a wonderful ball park and of course, while the team is the main attraction, the entire campus there is phenomenal with the Camden Yards replica. The Frederick Keys are a very close second as my son enjoys their kids section.

Directed towards our Editor: What is the best part about covering the Orioles?

As great as it is to follow and write on the team I have loved since I was old enough to watch games on TV or read baseball cards, the fan interaction on Twitter, comments and Facebook have been absolutely phenomenal. Getting to see how fans react to my articles and comments during games has been great, whether the comments are compliments or criticisms, because getting to hear feedback of any sort is how I can improve my writing and reporting to make Orioles 101 the absolute go to place for everything Orioles.

Please keep the questions coming, both general and direct ones to our editor as we all here at Orioles 101 want to provide all the information surrounding our beloved Orioles that you could possibly need.


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