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Young Hero; Fifth Grader April Sayers to Throw Out First Pitch Today for Baltimore Orioles

April 13th, 2014 at 6:30 AM
By Josh Michael

 The ceremonial first pitch at baseball games has become one of the more fun and celebratory aspects of the entire game experience and it is a great way to honor and celebrate former players, hall of famers, members of the organization, war heroes, local heroes, and even Presidents. Today, the Baltimore Orioles will be celebrating a young hero from Virginia in fifth grader April Sayers.

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Sayers, who is a fifth grader at an elementary school in Virginia, was simply doing her job as Safety Patroller on a cold day in January when she prevented serious injury or even worse for a Kindergarten Student at her school.

The Kindergarten Student got off their bus in the afternoon and dropped a toy which rolled under the left rear tires of the bus. The Kindergarten Student went under the bus to retrieve the toy, and that’s when Sayers stepped up as she saw the student go under the bus. Sayers immediately went over and reached under the bus to pull the student out from under the bus and to the side of road.

When Sayers turned around, the bus had left.

Her quick reaction to doing what she was taught helped prevent the possibility of the bus running over the student, and disaster was averted.

Sayers has been recognized for her actions as on January 30th, Mr. Joseph Beddick from Mid-Atlantic AAA awarded Sayers a Gold Safety Patrol Badge for her actions on January 13th and she was nominated for the AAA/CAA School Safety Lifesaving Award, which she will be receiving the award today at Camden Yards.

'' photo (c) 2012, Daniel Oines - license:

The AAA/CAA School Safety Lifesaving Award is the highest award given to members of the School Safety Patrol. Recipients are select patrol members who, while on duty, have saved the life of a person in imminent danger. The program was initiated by AAA to recognize School Safety Patrol members for heroic lifesaving efforts. Since the award’s inception in 1949, there have been 407 boys and girls from 31 states and the District of Columbia who have been honored with the Lifesaving Medal.

About a month ago, Sayers found out she was invited to throw out the first pitch today at the Yard prior to the Baltimore Orioles hosting the Toronto Blue Jays. Her physical education teacher, Joe White has been working with her on her throwing.

“We started at the half court line in our gym, and moved to three quarters court and full court and she can now throw it to me on one bounce from full court,” said White.

White continued, “We are all extremely proud of her, and we know she will be nervous, but she is going have the experience of a lifetime.”

The ceremonial first pitch is just that, a ceremony and today fans will get to see a little girl from Virginia who reacted to a potentially extraordinary situation with the calm and demeanor that we can all admire.

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