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Baltimore Orioles Release New Dynamic Pricing for Single Game Tickets in 2014

January 29th, 2014 at 9:27 AM
By Josh Michael

On Monday, the Baltimore Orioles revealed their new dynamic ticket pricing system for 2014 single game tickets and you may be surprised that some tickets will be less than they were in 2013. Of course the one underlying, fine print item is that prices are subject to change.

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The Orioles new system is set into five tiers of games as opposed to previous years when there were just two (regular games and prime games) and ticket prices will fluctuate for every game as the game gets closer. The price will be effected by market demand and other factors such as weather, the opponent, promotions and others. To answer the obvious question, yes prices can rise as the game gets closer, but buyer beware as the prices could also drop.

The five tiers that are set for the 2014 season are value, classic, select, prime, and elite with value being the cheapest available and elite being the most expensive. Baltimore has listed on their website (click here to view tiers and pricing) that there will be six value games, 49 classic games, seven select games, 14 prime games, and five elite games. It is important to mention that the website states prices valid for February, 2014, thus hinting that prices could change in March. The specific dates and opponents for each of the five tiers has not yet been placed on the website, but through a close follower/reader of ours who is a season ticket holder, we were able to find out that season ticket holders have been informed which games are which tiers. The reader/follower was kind enough to share the link (click here to view).

As you can see, the six value games do come against division opponents in the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays and all six are week night games. The five elite games are Opening Day, which is to be expected, and then two games against the Yankees, one against the Red Sox and one against the St. Louis Cardinals, all of those are Saturday games.

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Only time will tell how market demand will effect prices as the games get closer, but it is not unfeasible that once the season starts, the ticket prices that are currently priced lower than they were in 2013 will go up and even become higher than 2013. After all, the Orioles announced a slight increase on season ticket prices, so it is very unlikely that the team did that so they could lower single game ticket prices.

It is also unclear how market demand will be relayed to fans other than the prices simply going up. Undoubtedly there will be a game where ticket prices were increased due to demand, then the stadium will be half full and fans will want answers as to why the price went up if the stadium was only half full.

This season will present fans with a new challenge when it comes to the Orioles as everyone who purchases a single game ticket will be playing the dealer so to speak to see if they can get their ticket at a lower price than the published price come game time.


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