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Miguel Tejada Suspended Again, was Rafael Palmerio Telling the Truth About PED Use?

August 19th, 2013 at 11:51 AM
By Josh Michael

Former Baltimore Orioles player and 2002 AL MVP Miguel Tejada was suspended my MLB this weekend for 105 games due to testing positive for an amphetamine in violation for MLB’s drug program. This is just the latest admission by Tejada in regards to PED use as he was convicted for misleading Congress in 2009 about the use of PED’s and he has also admitted to purchasing HGH when he was with the Oakland A’s. However, he stopped short of admitting to requiring help for Adderall abuse.

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It’s not the first thing many people think about when they hear about Tejada’s suspension, but we here at Orioles 101 instantly thought about former Orioles first baseman Rafael Palmerio.

Back when Palmerio was suspended for a failed test in 2005, he insisted that he took a B-12 vial given to him by, you guessed it, Miguel Tejada. He has never backed down from his stance that he never knowingly took a performance enhancing drug during his 20 year career.

We all remember when Palmerio sat in the Congressional hearing and waved his finger as he made his speech,

“I have never used steroids. Period.”

After this recent suspension of Tejada, it is obvious that Tejada did, and still does use some sort of performance enhancers. It should be stated that Miguel is stating he uses Adderall for his ADD, but his permit expired and they didn’t issue another.

But the more important question that needs to be answered is whether or not Palmerio was telling the truth?

Palmerio, who is one of only four players in the history of Major League Baseball to hit over 500 home runs and accrue over 3,000 hits, has numbers that would have gotten him into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot he was eligible, but with the steroid question, he has not even come close to getting voted in.

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If he has been telling the truth this whole time, and took something that a teammate he trusted told him was a B-12 vial, but it did indeed contain an anabolic steroid denounced to Palmerio, should we be looking at him differently?

Palmerio tested positive in 2005, the final year of his 20 year career, and again he was, and has always insisted that he believed he was taking a B-12 vial. His numbers were extremely consistent throughout his entire career and he was a four-time All Star and three time Gold Glove award winner. He finished his career with 569 home runs, 3,020 hits, and a .288 batting average.

His swing was as smooth as any left hander (perhaps with the exception of Ken Griffey Jr.) in the history of the game. Knowing that Tejada did and has continued to fail tests, obviously he would have been in possession of PED’s, thus Palmerio could have just been duped.

If Palmerio has been telling the truth this whole time, then 2005 would have been the only point in his career PED’s would have been in his body and his numbers prior to 2005 would have easily placed him in Cooperstown.

The question you must ask yourself, if Palmerio has indeed been telling the truth the entire time, and was unknowingly given steroids by Tejada, should we look at him differently and should he be in the Hall of Fame?

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2 Responses to “Miguel Tejada Suspended Again, was Rafael Palmerio Telling the Truth About PED Use?”

  1.  Bobby Leo says:

    All the superstars were on roids….prolly from 1990 on….who are you kidding….our heads were buried in the sand….

    •  Josh Michael says:

      It is tough to argue that, but in this case the word ALL is too strong. I wouldn’t argue that a majority were, but not all. Greg Maddux? Cal Ripken?

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