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Author: Thomas Howland

MLB Winter Meetings Wrap-Up

The 2018 Baseball Winter Meetings have ended.  Here is a Red Sox focused roundup, and other related notes. Rule Changes Before the meetings, there was a lot of buzz about a pitch clock to speed up the game.  Once the meetings began it was all about The Shift. I went on MLB Now and talked about why banning the shift would be goofy, among other things. It was great fun and I did not fall in the pool. — Meg Rowley (@megrowler) December 13, 2018 2018 resulted in a league wide .248 batting average, the lowest since 1972.  Singles are also in a five years decline.  Apparently, according to Jason Stark of the Athletic, the Commissioner, owners, batters, and pitchers are all for shift reform. Of course there’s backlash.  People are decrying unintended consequences.  The debate rages on. Eovaldi’s Back The Red Sox led off the Winter Meetings by agreeing with Nathan Eovaldi for 4 years and $67.5 Million.  It seemed like a reasonable deal at the time.  Little did we know something like this would happen, seemingly within hours of the signing becoming official: The Red Sox Crying Poor Mouth In efforts to bolster their bullpen and clear salary space. Red Sox have said that they are listening to offers on RHP Rick Porcello, CF Jackie Bradley Jr., and SS Xander Boegarts. — SportsRaid365 (@SportsRaid365) December...

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Curt Schilling Belongs In The Hall Of Fame

The 2018 MLB Winter Meetings are happening, and there are rumors about deals and free agent signings everywhere.  Beneath all that buzz, the Hall Of Fame vote lurks.  On January 22, 2019, the 2019 Baseball Hall Of Fame class announcement occurs.  Curt Schilling will not be matriculating.  Schilling is the equal of John Smoltz.  Smoltz sailed in on his first chance in 2015, while Schilling is still waiting.  Why is that? Schilling & Smoltz The bare bones tell the story.  Here are Curt Schilling‘s and John Smoltz‘s career numbers:                  Wins Losses Saves Games Starts Innings Strikeouts WHIP ERA WAR Schilling    216    146      22      569     467     3261      3116     1.137  3.46   79.6  Smoltz     213    155    154     723      481     3473      3084     1.176  3.33   69.1 Smoltz has more games and saves, and a lower ERA.  Schilling has more strikeouts and walked less, which resulted in a lower WHIP.  WAR is an attempt by the Sabermetric community to equate the value of players across eras, teams, ballparks, etc.  Schilling outclasses Smoltz there. Curt Schilling played for the Philadelphia Phillies for eight and a half years.  Other than the first year or two of Schilling’s time with them, the Phillies were a doormat in the National...

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Nathan Eovaldi Is Back

The Red Sox have re-signed Nathan Eovaldi to a 4 year, $67.5 Million deal.  The postseason horse is back in the barn.  Because of the lack of home grown talent, and a shallow free agent pool, this was a move the Red Sox needed to make. Overpaid? Well respected and knowledgeable baseball minds are trumpeting how bad a deal this is.  To whit: The facts: — Tony Massarotti (@TonyMassarotti) December 7, 2018 Framingham’s own Lou Merloni was on the airwaves of WEEI and NBCSN last night saying essentially the same thing.  Because of Eovaldi’s injury history, this is an over-pay. It is true that Eovaldi has not been consistent in his career.  Therefore, the Red Sox could paying for only potential.  But where does this deal stack up against a different set of peers than the esteemed Mr. Massarotti put forth: Yu Darvish $21 Million Jeff Samardzija $18 Million Hyun-Jin Ryu $17.9 Million Nathan Eovaldi $16.875 Million Mike Leake $16 Million Wei-Yin Chen $16 Million Rich Hill $16 Million In this context, Eovaldi almost looks like a bargain. October Performance Songs have been sung about Eovaldi’s guts in Game 3 of the World Series alone, because these numbers are positively Schilling-esk: 22.1 Innings, 2-1 record, 15 Hits, 3 Walks, 16 Strikeouts, 1.61 ERA He pitched in three of the five World Series games, and was the hard-luck looser in the...

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Get Noah Syndergaard On The Red Sox

The Mets are a little off their rocker, the Winter Meetings are coming up, and the Cardinals have stolen some National League thunder with the Paul Goldschmidt trade.  Nathan Eovaldi is back!  Now is the time for the Red Sox to strike.  Bring Noah Syndergaard to Boston.  A quick reminder: So…..Fenway was a sureal ballpark to pitch in…..from a childhood dream perspective……As visiting pitcher on a team and city I love…..#dontfreakout — Noah Syndergaard (@Noahsyndergaard) September 15, 2018 The Mets The Mets are in win-now mode with their strange reliance on 36 year old, recently PED suspended, Robinson Cano.  They also got Edwin Diaz in the deal.  He’s a young closer who’s only done it in the relative obscurity of the Pacific Northwest.  Those guys are often inconsistent.  They’re also reportedly looking into trading for Corey Kluber, which is kind of nuts.  Kluber has been one of the best pitchers in baseball the last few years.  But the reason he’s available from the Indians is because he is 33 and on the verge of a big payday.  His contract escalates, from $10 million to $17.5 million and beyond, the next few years. When news of a Syndergaard trade first surfaced, the Mets were said to be looking to upgrade their farm system with a trade.  And why wouldn’t they?  Syndergaard will be the best bargain Ace in the game the next few years. ...

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