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Author: Thomas Howland

Rusney Castillo Is The Answer If Jackie Bradley Jr Is Traded For A Reliever

The MLB trade deadline is coming at 4pm EST tomorrow, and according to Buster Olney, Jackie Bradley Jr.could be part of a package for Edwin Diaz. If that’s the case the Red Sox already have an in house option ready to go: Rusney Castillo. Rusney vs JBJ Up until this year, bringing up Rusney Castillo has been practically unthinkable. We’ll get to the salary in just a minute, but the emergence of Andrew Benintendi, the signing of J.D. Martinez, and the play of JBJ made it unnecessary. After all, Castillo only hit .253 in his one full year in 2015. But while Jackie Bradley Jr. has been sporting a .234 batting average/.717 OPS in 2018, and .231/730 this year, Castillo’s been consistently much better in Pawtucket: .319/.776 in 2018, .291/.785 this year. In the past, JBJ’s defense has been a separator for him. But that’s been waning in recent years. Defensive numbers are mind numbing, but even the eye test shows what they show: He’s worse defensively than ever. At this point, Castillo’s .253 from 2016 is looking a lot better, and it’s a safe bet he will outproduce Bradley offensively. Salary Implications Bad things will happen to the Red Sox if they pass $246 Million in total payroll. That includes a higher luxury tax and a loss of 10 spots in the MLB Draft. It’s those draft spots...

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The Blueprint For 2019 Nathan Eovaldi: 2013 Koji Uehara

There is much consternation about Nathan Eovaldi being rushed back. Part of this is due to the news that he will not be used on back to back days, at least to start. But the Red Sox have seen this act before, and it was a thing of beauty. In 2013 Koji Uehara was used with kids gloves and it resulted in a World Series Championship. What it could look like In 2013 Koji managed to rack up 21 Saves. He got his first Save on May17th, but he didn’t start getting them consistently until June 26th. In the end here are his raw days off numbers from that year: Days worked with at least a day off: 80% Days off before working back to back: 2.27 Times working three straight days: 1 It just so happened Uehara had five days off before his only time pitching back to back to back. Eovaldi will be starting a month later, more or less, than when Koji started in 2013. But from here on out it’s conceivable he could save 15-20 games for the 2019 Red Sox. And while both pitchers had and have injury histories, Koji was 38, while Eovaldi is 29. Koji worked with guile and an almost unbelievable .565 WHIP. Incredibly, Nathan Eovaldi, pitching against the best competition in last year’s playoffs, had a .536 WHIP. And unlike...

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