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Author: Thomas Howland

Put Eovaldi In The Bullpen

This Red Sox season has seemed like one long extended Alien Ant Farm, Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal” mashup. No, no we are not ok. I said we are not ok. Didn’t you hear me? Oh, right, we’ve been hit. Nathan Eovaldi apparently is not walking through that door before late June or early July at the earliest. Nate Eovaldi has had a setback. Biceps soreness and his next bullpen was pushed back. — Pete Abraham (@PeteAbe) June 9, 2019 It’s not just the starting rotation that’s been hurting, but the bullpen too. Ryan Brasier, as predicted, has regressed. This is putting a lot of strain on the most consistent member of Alex Cora‘s pen: Matt Barnes. Barnes is a good pitcher. I just think they always ask too much from him. Adjusted to pen after being a starter. They rushed him to an 8th inning guy, wasn’t ready. Last year he was. He can be a shutdown 7th,8th inning guy this year, but now they are asking him to be the ‘closer’ — Lou Merloni (@LouMerloni) June 11, 2019 Lou’s point is a good one. Matt Barnes has too much on his shoulders. Imagine if he was given the job of closer, the stability Craig Kimbrel insisted on. The only thing Lou’s missing is Barnes isn’t just the closer, he’s the stopper, the only one Cora trusts this...

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Curt Schilling Is The Equal Of John Smoltz & Belongs In The Hall Of Fame

On January 22, 2019, the 2019 Baseball Hall Of Fame class announcement occured. Curt Schilling did not matriculate. From here it is obvious that Schilling is the equal of John Smoltz. While Smoltz sailed in on his first chance in 2015, Schilling is still waiting. Why is that? Schilling & Smoltz The bare bones tell the story.Here are Curt Schilling‘s and John Smoltz‘s career numbers: Wins/Losses/Saves/Games/Starts/Innings/Strikeouts/WHIP/ERA/WAR Schilling 216/146/22/569/467/3261/3116/1.137/3.46/79.6 Smoltz 213/155/154/723/481/3473/3084/1.176/3.33/69.1 Smoltz has more games and saves, and a lower ERA. Schilling has more strikeouts and walked less, which resulted in a lower WHIP. WAR is an attempt by the Sabermetric community to equate the value of players across eras, teams, ballparks, etc. Schilling outclasses Smoltz there. Curt Schilling played for the Philadelphia Phillies for eight and a half years. Other than the first year or two of Schilling’s time with them, the Phillies were a doormat in the National League. By contrast, Smoltz was part of one of the greatest collection of starting pitchers of all time, the perennially contending Atlanta Braves of the 1990’s. Smoltz was blessed to have fellow Hall of Famers Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux in the same rotation. Consequently, that team famously went to the MLB Postseason every year from 1991 to 1999, yet only won one World Series. Postseason Dominance These guys are Titans of the playoffs. This is because they both stepped...

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