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Author: The Hall of Very Good

The HOVG Podcast: Baseball Card Vandals 

By: The Hall of Very Good | March 19, 2019 This week, Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen are joined by Beau and Bryan Abbott. The brothers behind Baseball Card Vandals talk to the boys about when (and how) they started defacing their baseball card collection, what their parents think of their favorite pastime, how their new book came to fruition and, of course, that time Lisa Loeb showed up at their job for an impromptu concert. (Download The Hall of Very Good Podcast over on iTunes) SHOW NOTES: Baseball Card Vandals is the Tumblr Every Baseball Fan Needs Right...

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Baker Mayfield Takes Batting Practice with Brewers

By: The Hall of Very Good | March 17, 2019 Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield might be having the best week ever. His team surprised everyone by acquiring All-World wide receiver All-Pro Odell Beckham Jr. on Tuesday. On Saturday, 2018 National League MVP Christian Yelich invited Mayfield to join him in the dugout when his Milwaukee Brewers took on the Colorado Rockies. Dude even got to take some batting practice. “I thought he did great,” Yelich said of Mayfield at the plate. “It was a lot of fun. He’s got a pretty good swing.” By the time the fourth...

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St. Louis Man Scores Unique Goodwill Find

By: The Hall of Very Good | March 15, 2019 Everyone so often, you’re bound to come across a story of a great find at a thrift store or pawn shop. Who can forget the story of former Kansas City Royals slugger Willie Aikens being reunited with his 1980 American League Championship? What about that Pie Traynor bat that popped up in a suburban Pittsburgh Goodwill for $2.22? While Brad Thompson’s find might not be as valuable as a long lost piece of jewelry or a Hall of Famer’s discarded lumber, the St. Louisan’s recent find might be just...

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