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Author: The Hall of Very Good

Derek Jeter Leads 2020 Hall of Fame Class

By: The Hall of Very Good | January 21, 2020 After Mariano Rivera became baseball’s first unanimous Hall of Famer a year ago, talk quickly turned to who would next. Would it be Ichiro in 2023? Does Albert Pujols have a chance when he becomes eligible?! Turns out, it almost happened this year as well. On Tuesday, baseball’s all-time saves leader was (almost) joined by the shortstop that joined him on all five of his World Series teams…Derek Jeter. The longtime New York Yankees star received 396 of 397 possible votes, making him the 13th first ballot Hall of...

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Looking Ahead at the Hall of Fame Class of 2021

By: The Hall of Very Good | January 21, 2020 Now that Derek Jeter has made his way to the Hall of Fame (was there really any doubt?), baseball can safely look ahead to a year from now to see who might join him and Larry Walker. Short answer…no one. Seriously, there are no viable first ballot nominees that will turn enough heads to warrant them to book travel to Cooperstown. That said, could 2021 be there year that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens finally find their way through the museum’s doors? It’s possible. So, with just ten months...

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The HOVG Podcast: Jay Jaffe

By: The Hall of Very Good | January 21, 2020 This week, Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen are joined by Jay Jaffe. The Cooperstown Casebook author returns to talk to the boys about the 2020 Hall of Fame class, breaks down whether or not Derek Jeter goes in unanimously (and if Larry Walker goes in at all), looks ahead to future classes, talks about Curt Schilling’s chances moving forward and introduces the world to the term “flip rate”. (Download The Hall of Very Good Podcast over on iTunes) SHOW NOTES: If there’s a dumber thing in baseball than thinking...

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