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Author: Tad Bukowski

Top Survivor Series Moments – Part 3

The Sports Daily > From the Top Rope Top Survivor Series Moments – Part 3 PART 2 – 20-11 PART 1 – 31-21 10 – Gigantic Sole Survivor All that the wrestling world was talking about in 1987 was Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. Their match at that year’s WrestleMania is still regarded as the match that propelled WWF to the level that it is now. After the match though, the fans wanted more. And who could blame them. Vince McMahon is too smart to just give a rematch like that away for free though…and who could blame him?...

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Top Survivor Series Moments – Part 2

The Sports Daily > From the Top Rope Top Survivor Series Moments – Part 2 Part 1 – 31-21 20 – The First of 434 Gone were the days of the length championship runs. Bruno Sammartino held the title for over 7 ½ years, then again for almost 3 ½ years, Bob Backlund was champion for nearly 6 years and of course the 80’s were running wild with Hulkamania. This day and age, a reign like that is unimaginable. If a guy held the title for six consectutive months it would be considered an achievement. Shorter title reigns just became...

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Top Survivor Series Moments – Part 1

The Sports Daily > From the Top Rope Top Survivor Series Moments – Part 1 Thanksgiving is fast approaching. That means a few things will be guaranteed in the near future – turkey on Turkey Day, multiple weekday football games, and the WWE’s answer to the Fall Classic, the Survivor Series. What started as the Thanksgiving Night Tradition has evolved into a regular Sunday Night pay per view held on Thanksgiving week. The second longest running show in WWE has given us several memorable moments. So to get us ready for the 31st installment of Survivor Series, let’s take a...

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1990 Survivor Series Review

The Sports Daily > From the Top Rope 1990 Survivor Series Review Simply put, especially in the wrestling business, you can’t succeed in the future without appreciating the past. With that in mind, every now and then I like to take look back and review a pay per view event from yesteryear to simply try and bring up some fond memories for those reading this piece. Or, in some instances, educate newer or younger watchers to let them know what they were missing out on. Since we’re in the heart of Survivor Series week, we’ll go back to the time...

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What if Bret Didn’t Screw Bret?

The Sports Daily > From the Top Rope What if Bret Didn’t Screw Bret? Every time I talk about this situation, I always preface it with this – I understand that the storylines in professional wrestling are not real! They are not really punching each other – they are not really kicking each other, for the most part they don’t even dislike each other. Professional wrestling is better described as sports entertainment with an emphasis on entertainment. This, however, is about the night where wrestling got real. Most of you who are reading this know what happened on that early...

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