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Author: @stevea1127

The Patriots love being the underdog

The Patriots love being counted out The Patriots love being counted out. From 2001-2004 the Patriots were counted out and the underdog most of the time. They don’t do their talking during the week, they talk on Sundays when it counts. This season is somewhat the same as they are underdogs again in the AFC Championship. People are talking and not giving the Patriots credit like Max Kellerman, who continues to bash Brady and say he doesn’t throw into tight windows. He’s clearly not watching the same game. Kyle Van Noy told Zolak and Bertrand on 98.5 The Sports Hub he should stick to boxing. They’ll be ready to play on Sunday Tom Brady loves when people talk bad about him and the Patriots. They listen to what people say and prove on Sundays that they are wrong. Brady said yesterday at his press conference that he doesn’t think about being the underdog too much. “If you’re not motivated this week, you’ve got a major problem. This is the week where you shouldn’t have to put anything extra in. This is what it’s all about. You sign up every chance you get to play in the AFC Championship game. I don’t care where, when, time, cold, weather, rain, blood, don’t matter.” Devin McCourty talked earlier in the week about when people think of the Patriots they think of the...

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The Patriots Are On To Kansas City

What cliff is Tom Brady Falling Off Of? Via CBS Sports Tom Brady is headed to another AFC Championship. This will be his fourteenth Championship game in his career. All season long Brady has been criticized, from the Max Kellerman’s and Shannon Sharpe’s of the world, that he’s falling off a cliff. Brady’s performance in the playoffs is something we see year after year. People talk about how he’s isn’t good anymore, then he has the game of his life. Brady had probably his best game of the season yesterday. Now the test moves on to Kansas City. It’s On To Kansas City With the Chiefs next week, it’s a reminder if the Patriots won against the Dolphins they would be hosting the AFC Championship in Foxborough. Kansas City is tough to beat at home. Can the Patriots go in there and win? The answer is yes, because they have Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. If you don’t have both of those guys I’m not sure the Patriots win next week. Their presence sends a vibe to the team that anything is possible and they can win in any situation. Both Belichick and Brady have been in this position year after year. Belichick will out coach Andy Reid. Tom Brady will have a better game than Patrick Mahomes because of his experience and drive in these games. Brady put...

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Playing in January is a normalcy for Tom Brady

The playoff tradition continues for Tom Brady and the Patriots Here we go again, January playoff football for the Patriots. It seems like it’s a tradition. Every year the Patriots are the number one or two seed and are hosting a playoff game in January. The Patriots will be hosting the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday and the early forecast calls for snow. History tells us how Brady plays in the snow in January. Tom Brady will continue to be dominant in the playoffs If we rewind it’s obvious this team is not even close to the early 2000 teams. Playing in the snow against the Colts was something Brady loved, and the Patriots always dominated. Those teams would probably beat this year’s team. But for Brady, even at 41. anything is possible. Brady is 27-10 in the playoffs. He’s passed for 10,226 yards, 71 touchdowns, and 31 interceptions. He has a career playoff rating of 90.9. Brady loves playing in the cold weather and is dominant when the temperature is below 40 degrees. The famous snow bowl game in the AFC Divisional Playoff game in 2002 is one that will go down as one of the greatest playoff games in NFL history. The way Brady was so calm and collected, and despite the weather, led the Patriots down the field to put Adam Vinatieri in the right position...

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There’s less Patriots drama going into the playoffs

The Patriots are in a good place heading into the playoffs Last season when Jimmy Garoppolo was traded, Bill Belichick took so much heat for it. Now, as we fast forward a year later, the Patriots are going to the playoffs and the San Francisco 49ER’S are watching from home. The notion that Belichick and Brady were at odds with each other stopped after Garoppolo was injured earlier this season. Garoppolo’s season-ending injury ended the rift between Belichick and Brady. It also ended the talk of any off the field drama surrounding the team. Patriots could host the AFC Championship Game A year ago the Patriots were going into the playoffs with so much drama off the field. It seemed like more people were talking about relationships than actual football. Fast forward a year later and there are football problems with this team going into the playoffs, which is better than off-field drama. There’s less talent on this team then there was a year ago, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a run. The AFC is wide open. Things could happen and they may host the AFC Championship Game again. There is talk like last year of Josh McDaniels talking to different teams. But really he’s not going anywhere as long as Brady is the quarterback. He’s keeping his options open, but at the end of the day...

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The Patriots in the Playoffs

The Patriots are ready for the playoffs The Patriots have secured a bye once again in the playoffs.  They beat a no-show Jets team Sunday and really took care of business to secure the two seed.  What people saw Sunday was an offense and passing game that has been missing all season.  We finally saw Hogan and Dorsett get their turn in the offense over someone that didn’t want to be there.  It’s about time, Hogan and Dorsett have been silent all season.  Gronkowski looked off but he has all season, and it’s questionable if he’ll retire when the season ends. We can say the Jets aren’t a good team and the Patriots didn’t have to try, but really we saw an offense that has been missing.  They don’t need a deep threat or someone that doesn’t want to be there to distract from the players that want the ball.  Dorsett and Hogan came to life yesterday, and hopefully it carries into the playoffs. They needed the bye because the Patriots have been missing a step.  Brady hasn’t really been himself.  There definitely were some flaws with this team, having a hard time winning on the road.  However, the teams they lost to didn’t make the playoffs so that’s a plus. They go into this week to rest up for the Divisional Round a week from Sunday.  They’ll get...

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Tom Brady wants to play in 2019 and beyond

Tom Brady wants to play many more years Every year at this time we come to question whether or not Tom Brady will play the following year or hang it up. Every year we get the same answer. He’s playing for many more years. He made his point clear to Jim Gray when he was asked if he’s playing in 2019. His lack of production this season could be because of his lack of weapons on offense. With missing key offensive guys like Amendola and Cooks this year, it could be the reason Brady hasn’t looked that great. Brady will have to be all in Tom Brady last offseason wanted to spend more time with his family and skipped OTA’s. He took a lot of criticism for skipping the offseason workout program. People thought he should be there because he’s trying to play into his 40’s and it’s not an easy thing to do.  At some point, Brady needs to be realistic as to how many good years he has left. If he wants to play at a high level, there may have to be less family time in the offseason. The injuries don’t help on offense either. Rob Gronkowski seems not himself this year and is rumored to retire at the end of the season. I like Brady’s confidence that he’s determined to play at a high level...

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If Tom Brady wins the Super Bowl it will be his greatest achievement

Tom Brady has the chance to make history again The Patriots have had a roller coaster type of season.  They have lost five games, and all on the road.  That is very rare for this team.  This is now the weakest receiving group since Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney.  That was the 2006 season, when the Patriots lost in the AFC Championship game to the Colts.  Some are even comparing this team to the 2009 team, when everyone was all over the place and not in sync.  After last season, and the loss of Danny Amendola and Brandin Cooks, they were missing a deep threat.  They traded for Patterson, and still have Hogan, Dorsett, and Edelman coming back from injury.  Now Tom Brady can lead the way with this group of talent and possibly win the Super Bowl. Receivers will have to step up It’s time now for other guys to step up in big moments.  Chris Hogan, Julian Edelman, and Gronkowski need to have the best games of their careers the last two weeks of the season.  Unfortunately, the teams they play lack stiff competition, but it would be good practice for the playoffs.  Brady is the best at taking mediocre talent, and transforming it into top play-makers in a big spot.  Brady has had a rough year this season, but has the chance to pull something off that he’s never...

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Josh Gordon was trouble from the beginning

Gordon was trouble before he got to the Patriots Josh Gordon announced that he’s leaving football due to his mental health issues.  That’s a complete cop out.  He wants people to feel bad for him.  He’s been suspended more times than he’s been on the football field.  He was on an awful Cleveland Browns team and really couldn’t stay out of trouble.  Gordon seemed like the type of guy who wanted people to pick up the pieces of his mistakes and not own up to it.  He had the job of a lifetime playing professional football, but he chose to do drugs and then blame his mental health because of it.  Really there’s no excuse.  It’s a privilege to play in the NFL, and some guys take advantage of it and can’t stay out of trouble. The Patriots are a better team without him Gordon had a second chance to better himself going to the Patriots.  But like some people, he took that opportunity and flushed it down the toilet.  He’s now facing another suspension from the league and put out a statement blaming his mental health.  He just wants people to feel bad for him, when in all reality he can’t stay out of trouble.  Now the Patriots have to pick up the pieces and answer questions about a player who was trouble from the beginning. Gordon had no business being...

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