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Author: @stevea1127

The Patriots will always be the best at what they are good at: Winning!

Free Agency in the NFL had a big first day Via Free agency started in the NFL today, and the Patriots subtracted instead of adding. They did trade for defensive lineman Michael Bennett on Friday from the Eagles, but lost Trent Brown and Trey Flowers yesterday. On the first day, it was the Lions making moves, while the Patriots lost some defensive playmakers. However, because of their success, they can add and subtract all they want, because as long as Belichick and Brady are on the team they make the Super Bowl year after year. The Patriots seem to still make Super Bowl’s with average talent and make them great The Patriots for some reason bring in average talent and turn them into elite players. It must be the winning style and how Belichick coaches. Also with the way Brady prepares and takes the game seriously. Even though they finished the regular season 11-5, they still went on to win the Super Bowl. Proving Belichick can be on a island during free agency, while other teams are singing players, and the Patriots will still make the Super Bowl. It does sound arrogant, but it’s a known fact when nobody can stop them in the playoffs. Everything Belichick does is part of what is best for the team. From trading players, to benching Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl,...

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Could Martellus Bennett return to the Patriots?

Martellus Bennett hinting about a return to the Patriots? With free agency starting next week the Patriots are already looking ahead to 2019. With them winning the Super Bowl they are weeks behind the rest of the league with getting ready for next season. The Patriots have to go into this offseason with the notion of needing a backup quarterback. They also don’t know the status of Rob Gronkowski. If he’s coming back I think it’s because he wants to play with Tom Brady. The Patriots are releasing tight end Dwyane Allen, who was really productive with his time with the Patriots. In his two seasons, he only had one touchdown and 113 receiving yards. As for a former Patriot, Martellus Bennett, there could be a possibility for a return to the Patriots. It would be great for Bennett to come back to the Patriots Bennett was way more productive than Allen on the Patriots. In his two seasons, he had seven touchdowns for 754 yards. Bennett wants to be on a winning team, and when Gronkowski comes back they’ll be set at the tight end position. Brady had better chemistry with Bennett than with Allen. Also, with Gronkowski always injured you need someone more reliable than Dwyane Allen at tight end. Bennett just wants to win, and what better team to do that on than the Patriots. He...

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Robert Kraft made a mistake he should own up to it and move on

Robert Kraft is the greatest owner in sports. Since he bought the Patriots 25 years ago they’ve had much more success than hardships. But the latest for Kraft hurts the image of himself, not so much the team. Spygate and Deflategate were football things that Kraft wasn’t at fault for. But this will hurt his image a great deal, especially learning he went to the spa on the day of the AFC Championship Game. Kraft allegedly went there on Saturday, January 19th and was pulled over for a traffic stop. He thinks nothing of it and goes back the next day. The AFC Championship Game was probably one of the greatest postseason wins in Patriots history. Unfortunately, people will remember what happened hours before the game. It’s worse that Kraft went back there on the day of the AFC Championship game when the team was in Kansas City. He’s worth $6.5 billion, he could’ve thought it out more clearly. The best thing to do now is own up to it take what’s coming and move on. He won’t lose the team, but he will probably be looking at a suspension, similar to Jim Irsay of the Colts in the past. After learning more about what happened Monday it’s hard for Kraft to still deny it. They have him on video and you can’t hide what’s on the video. The...

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Rob Gronkowski will most likely be back

Rob Gronkowski will be back Via Sporting News A year ago this time Rob Gronkowski was contemplating retirement. The Patriots just lost the Super Bowl and Gronkowski was looking to move on from football. He did that weird motocross press conference in March and wasn’t talking about playing in 2018. After that press conference Belichick had a talk with him about coming back or he’s going to be traded. Then Gronkowski made a video after that meeting stating he would come back. After the Patriots lost to the Detroit Lions eariler in the season Gronkowski confirmed he was almost traded but said he’d only play again if Tom Brady was the quarterback. Gronkowski is weighing his options Throughout the 2018 season Gronkowski was battling back and other injuries. He really wasn’t himself all year and it was a wonder if he was hanging it up after this season. The Patriots got the number two seed and Gronkowski seemed good to go for the playoffs. He mostly blocked in the win against the Los Angeles Chargers. He made some big plays in the AFC Championship game in Kansas City. Finally during the Super Bowl he made a game changing catch to set up the game winning touchdown. When it came down to it Gronkowski was clutch as ever when it mattered the most. The difference between last off season and...

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The Patriots don’t need a big name at the wide receiver position

The Patriots don’t need a top wide receiver to be succesful The Patriots just won the Super Bowl with Chris Hogan, Phillip Dorsett, and Cordarrelle Patterson. Julian Edelman was the only wide receiver that made a difference. It really came down to Brady, Edelman, and Gronkowski to win the Super Bowl on the offense. In Hogan’s three years in New England, he’s had 12 touchdowns. During the 2018 season he only had three touchdowns, but when Josh Gordon was on the team he didn’t get the ball much. Dorsett has been with the Patriots for two seasons and has three touchdowns. He’s gotten 484 yards in his two years, and really had a better year in 2018 than he did in 2017. As for Patterson, he scored three touchdowns in his first year with the Patriots and had 247 yards. The Patriots don’t need selfish players The Patriots have proven over the years they don’t need a big name receiver to win a Super Bowl. They had Randy Moss in 2007 and came up short with having an undefeated season. It also causes a distraction in the locker room to have a selfish guy in there. For example Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown, those guys are all about themselves. While guys like Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola are team players. The Patriots tried to bring in Chad Ochocinco and...

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