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Author: @stevea1127

Rob Gronkowski retirement rumors continue

Rob Gronkowski might retire at the end of the season Rob Gronkowski hasn’t had a very productive season for the Patriots this year. He was triple covered at the beginning of the season when he was playing, or he’s always out of games because of injury. His contract is incentive based and if he doesn’t get guaranteed money he could retire at the end of the season. Gronkowski threatened to retire after the Patriots almost traded him to the Detroit Lions and before that after the Super Bowl. Seems like he’s always injured lately and one more big hit from a serious injury. The Patriots with Gronkowski and without Gronkowski in the lineup though is interesting. Gronkowski’s stats with him in games versus  him not in games According to the Boston Globe. In the 35 games, he’s missed in the last 7 seasons playoffs included the numbers don’t fall off much. Since the start of the 2012 season when he suffered his first significant injury the pats are 67 and 19 with him in the lineup. They are 26-9 without him in the lineup. They have scored 30.5 points per game with him and 27.8 points without him. They made two Super Bowls with him but also won without him in 2016. Since the 2016 season, the pats are 14-2 without Gronkowski including 11-0 in 2016. This year they are 2-1 and averaging 34...

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Dion Lewis says Patriots are cheap

Dion Lewis had some comments about his former team The Tennessee Titans beat the Patriots on Sunday 34-10. They were also meeting some familiar faces from Mike Vrabel to Dion Lewis on the Titans. Malcolm Butler and Eric Rowe didn’t say that it was a personal win for the Patriots. However, Dion Lewis made some honest remarks about the Patriots being cheap after the game. “Yeah, it was personal when you go cheap you get your ass kicked.” Seems like someone who only cares about themselves and not someone who is a team player. Bill Belichick only cares about winning and doing what’s best for the team. Lewis was a great running back and won one  Super Bowl with the Patriots. For him to publicly say that instead of going around it will come back to haunt him later. The Patriots don’t forget comments like that, and the next time they play you they’ll put up points. Secondly, Lewis wasn’t even great yesterday, he had a few nice runs but nothing outstanding. Marcus Mariota had a better game. Let’s see how many Super Bowls, Lewis win with the Titans. If you want to make more money, play somewhere else Dion’s comments have sparked the Patriot haters to have an ‘I told you so’ moment. The Patriots are known for not paying their players enough. Brady has taken the most...

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Mike Vrabel will be facing his old team Sunday

Mike Vrabel will face New England on Sunday The Patriots will see some familiar people on Sunday afternoon when the Patriots travel to Tennesse to play the Titans. One of those people is former Patriot Mike Vrabel. Vrabel now the head coach of the Titans will make his return to face his old team as a coach. With the Patriots he played in 125 games starting in 110 of those. He also won three Super Bowl Championships all with the Patriots and Brady as the quarterback. He had eleven interceptions and 48 sacks with the Patriots. He’ll be in the Patriots Hall Of Fame soon no question about that. Belichick has respect for Vrabel Belichick praised Vrabel today at his press conference saying. “He loved to play on the scout team defense. He’d be there best pass rusher, he’d play middle linebacker … he’d play strong safety. (Troy) Polamalu, Ed Reed, (Dwight) Freeney, whoever we were playing, he would love to be those guys (in practice). Play against their offense then take all the snaps on defense … they bring a lot of good positive energy to the team … you can’t put a price on guys like that.” Sunday will be the first time Belichick will be facing a former player that turned into a  head coach. Vrabel did catch a pass from Tom Brady in Super Bowl XXXVIII...

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Comparing Tom Brady to Aaron Rodgers

A Good Sunday Night Match-up This Week VIA NBC Sports Sunday Night Football this week should be entertaining. The Green Bay Packers travel to Foxborough to take on the Patriots. The Patriots are coming off a win over Buffalo where they didn’t really get things going until the second half. The Packers are coming off a loss to the Rams and fell to 3-3-1. Comparing Tom Brady to Aaron Rodgers is interesting. Brady is so far ahead of him in pretty much everything. He’s won five Super Bowls while Rodgers has only won one Super Bowl. Brady has thrown 504 touchdown passes while Rodgers has only thrown 326. Brady’s thrown for 68,359 yards and Rodgers has thrown for 40,785. Brady clearly is the better quarterback and it’s not even close. Brady Is So Much Better Than Rodgers Rodgers falls into the Drew Brees category in my opinion until he wins more Super Bowls. Brady does more with less talent than any quarterback ever. Brady did have some nice things to say about Rodgers on WEEI “Even for me, I watch his game and it makes me want to get out there and practice and improve because I think he’s so phenomenal with how he manages himself in the pocket. His ability to throw the football is unlike anyone in probably the history of the league. So it’s just pretty...

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Patriots Running Back James White At J.P. Licks for Boston Medical Center

James White hosted an event at J.P. Licks in Dorchester on Tuesday afternoon. From 4-5PM White served ice cream and the money was then sent to benefit the kids at the Boston Medical Center. It was a quick turnaround for White after just beating the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo the night before. But he was glad to be there to talk to the kids and fans. White holds an event called Sweet Feet for Strikes that also benefits the Boston Medical Center. It was formerly known as the Mayo Bowl until he passed the hosting responsibilities to White. Boston Sports Extra Was There @Patriots running back @SweetFeet_White at an event benefiting the Boston Medical Center. I covered it for @BosSportsExtra #Patriots — Steve (@steveA1127) October 31, 2018 Boston Sports Extra was at J.P. Licks in Dorchester yesterday and was able to ask him a couple of questions. With the Patriots playing the night before and the Sox winning the World Series BSE were the only ones there. Yesterday was also the NFL trade deadline which the Patriots did nothing. White wasn’t going to answer any football-related questions. Yesterday at J.P. Licks it was all about the kids from the Boston Medical Center. This was the second year White hosted the bowling tournament which he did in September. White said at the time ” it’s good to have teammates come out...

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The Patriots barley get a win over the Bears

The Patriots get a win barley [embedded content] A sloppy performance by the Patriots with turnovers and almost blowing it at the end. However, a win is a win, right? I don’t remember an ugly win like what we saw today from this Patriots team. Also, Bears quarterback Mitch  Trubisky ran all over the Patriots defense like he was Michael Vick at the beginning of the game. He rushed for six carries for 81 yards and one touchdown. Really, there’s no excuse for that Patriots defense to give up all those rushing yards to a quarterback. As for Cordarrelle Patterson, who made up for a fumble earlier in the game by returning a punt for a touchdown, celebrated too early. Cross the line in the end zone. Then you can celebrate. Patterson was at the 10-yard line when he reached over and high fived J.C. Jackson before he scored. Belichick will be giving Patterson an earful on that one. The Patriots improve to 5-2 on the season Embed from Getty Images Brady had a careless interception to James Devlin late in the fourth quarter to give the Bears a chance to go down the field and score. Then the final play of the game, with that hail mary pass, that almost tied the game for Chicago if the Patriots defense didn’t stop Kevin White on the one-yard line. It’s one...

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Patriots versus Bears Game Preview

Patriots travel to the windy city The Patriots will travel to take on the Bears on Sunday afternoon. After barely beating the Kansas City Chiefs to improve to 4-2 on the season, the Patriots face a tough Chicago Bear defense on Sunday who allowed just 41 points in the first three weeks of the season but let up 31 against Brock Osweiler and the Dolphins last week. Bears also failed to sack Dolphin quarterback Brock Osweiler on 44 dropbacks and lost the game by 3 in overtime. The Bears are now 3-2 so what do the Patriots have to do to win the game? Patriots and Bears should be a good matchup On offense, the Bears rank 10th in points, 19th in yards, 22nd in passing yards and 8th in rushing yards.  On defense, the Bears rank 4th in points, 10th in yards, 16th in passing yards and 4th in rush yards. For the Patriots on offense, the Patriots rank 4th in points, 14th in yards, 19th in passing yards, and 11th in rushing yards. On the defensive side, the Patriots rank 19th in points,  20th in yards, 21st in passing yards, and 18th in rushing yards. Belichick is impressed with the Bears Bill Belichick is impressed with the Bears saying yesterday at his press conference. “This has been a really impressive team to watch. Obviously, a team we don’t...

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