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Author: Ryan Henning

Twins interested in Marwin Gonzalez?

By: Ryan Henning | February 22, 2019 According to The Athletic’s Dan Hayes, the Twins are toying with a 3 year deal for super utility player Marwin Gonzalez. At the beginning of the off season, I pegged Gonzalez as a potentially valuable addition to the Twins roster, as a versatile player that could see time at any position, all while capably taking care of himself at the plate. Now, however, the fit is less obvious. When I thought of Gonzalez initially, I figured him for a regular role given the recent departure of Brian Dozier, and the subsequent gap...

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Twins are extending

By: Ryan Henning | February 19, 2019 I am of the belief that the Twins activity, or lack thereof, this offseason was dictated as much by the market as it was by financial constraints. The Twins wanted to make trades for pitchers but found few partners (and perhaps they ascribe to my mantra: never sign free agent pitchers), and I’ve long been of the belief that young men from the south don’t want to spend the prime of their life in some place they only know for it’s cold. Conversely, I also believe that when people spend a little...

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