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Author: Robert Lewis

Armchair GM: How the Red Sox Could Build an Offensive Machine

How the Red Sox Could Build an Offensive Machine Two straight seasons with the Red Sox finishing first in the A.L. East, and two straight seasons barely making a dent in the ALDS. Should the Red Sox keep waiting for consistency from their young players Bradley, Betts and Bogaerts? Should they hope one day they all click at once in the playoffs? Then, could the Red Sox finally make the run their payroll demands? Or is it time to stop waiting? Should the Red Sox finally do away with the old, and bring in the new?  The very thought has half of Sox Nation calling for my head, as the official unofficial Armchair General Manager of the Red Sox. This is not a democracy people! I appointed myself, and only I will dethrone myself! Before you go “Louis XVI” on me, allow me to entice you with an improved offense, because perhaps it’s time. FIRST MOVE: Let me start by saying I am not of the belief that JD Martinez will be leaving the National League. Had he been available in a hypothetical world, perhaps I make a different move, given the history of our President of Baseball Operations, and the flexibility that comes with being an organization like the Red Sox. Jackie Bradley Jr. CF + Michael Chavis 3B + Alex Scherff P + Tanner Houck P =...

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Dion Lewis’ Search for Good Health and an Opportunity

College Stardom Dion Lewis’ freshman season of 2009 at Pitt put him on the map. A 5’8″-195-lb running back ran all over the Big East. He broke multiple Big East and Pitt rushing records previously held by both Tony Dorsett and LeSean McCoy. Big East MVP, Big East Offensive Player of the Year, Second Team AP All-American, Doak Walker semifinalist and Maxwell Award semifinalist. Dion Lewis’ talent has never been questioned. To put Lewis’ freshman season into perspective,  compare his statistics to those of Kareem Hunt’s best college season. Dion Lewis: 2009 Pitt (FR) – 1988 total yards / 5.7 yards per touch / 18 total touchdowns  Kareem Hunt: 2016 Toledo (SR) – 1878 total yards / 6.2 yards per touch / 11 total touchdowns  Dion Lewis’ talent was undeniable. To put up better numbers as a freshman than NFL star Kareem Hunt did as a senior, presents pure evidence that from the beginning the talent has been there. Drafted and Blocked Due to concerns about Lewis’ lack of ‘NFL Size’, he fell to the fifth round where he was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles. In Philadelphia, Dion Lewis was never given the opportunity to get on the field. He was being blocked, rightfully so, by LeSean McCoy: One of the best running backs in the NFL. Dion Lewis was still in search of the team where he could...

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