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Author: Rhonda Schmidt

Amed Rosario Battling Stomach Issues This Season

Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Amed Rosario battling stomach issues, hospitalized twice this season The New York Mets’ injury and incidents situation is still up and bothering this worn out and depleted team, as prized rookie shortstop Amed Rosario is the latest Mets player who finds himself out of playing action. According to an article written by Newsday’s Marc Craig, the rookie shortstop has been battling this stomach issue that is being described as flu-like, however the team feels it could be more. Rosario has been sidelined since Monday, and is being treated for his condition at a...

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2018 New York Mets Need a Total Rebuild

2018 New York Mets Need a Total Rebuild It is surely no surprise that the 2017 New York Mets have had a terrible season. This season featured almost everyone injured, and just some horrible baseball being played with a few off field distractions. The fans are almost at their limit, and it is very clear that changes must be made during this off-season in order for them to be taken seriously, and their fans to continue to attend games. The loyalty to this fanbase may never fade, but who wants to attend games when there is nothing to cheer...

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