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Author: rez


By: rez | January 16, 2019 PREGAME Welcome back to sunny and beautiful (it’s raining, but just ignore that) California. San Jose, to be exact, a place where the Penguins have some very fond memories. The Pens play their final game of the season in California tonight before heading to Arizona on a back to back with Las Vegas. These will be the Pens final 3 games before they hit their bye week which rides all the way into the All-Star Game. Gonna want to pick up some points between between now and then… Isles nipping at the Pens...

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By: rez | January 12, 2019 PREGAME Weeeeeeeeeeeeellcome, to the greatest coast in the world. It is your Pensblog Greatest Coast correspondent Rez with you this evening, so while you stay up, it is normal and good time to me. Pacific Standard Time remains undefeated. [Editor’s Note: PST has been voted worst timezone numerous times and has, in fact, been defeated.  You could say that the west coast time zone is the Anaheim Ducks of time zones.  People think that it’s good, but it’s actually the 6th worst possession team over the last 3 years and, in fact, sucks...

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