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Author: @phaulkner

Enes Kanter: Basketball Provides Platform

Bigger Than Basketball Enes Kanter recently signed a 2-year $10 Million contract with the Boston Celtics. The former Trailblazer joined All-NBA point guard Kemba Walker as the two noteworthy off-season Celtics free agent acquisitions. Kanter will fill the veteran offensive void left by the departure of Al Horford. One of the best post players in the NBA, Kanter averaged 13.7 points and 9.8 rebounds per game on splits of 54.9/29.4/78.7 in 2018-2019. The University of Kentucky star was the 3rd pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the highest for any Turkish-born player in NBA history. Kanter is also only the fourth first round Turkish NBA Draft Pick, joining Mirsad Türkan, Hedo Türkoğlu, and Furkan Korkmaz. Beyond basketball, Kanter is most known for social media and human rights activism. The Turkish government accused Kanter of financially assisting a failed coup of the Turkish government in 2016. Turkey cancelled Kanter’s passport in 2017, issued a warrant for his arrest and threatened to revoke his citizenship. The Kanter family even publicly disowned Kanter as a result of constant harassment. Kanter refrained from traveling outside of the United States for work for fear of his life after being stranded stateless in Europe in 2017. Kemba Walker (8) and Enes Kanter (11) were officially introduced as Boston Celtics Wednesday at a press conference. (Image credit: AP) Culture Clashes on the Court Enes Kanter’s only...

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Boston Celtics: Not Plan A, But A-OK

Danny Ainge: “This Was Plan A.” The Boston Celtics officially introduced point guard Kemba Walker and center Enes Kanter in a press conference Wednesday. Celtics general manager Danny Ainge called the signings Boston’s “Plan A”. Filling out the roster with an All-NBA player like Walker and one of the most efficient players in the NBA in Kanter is one thing; claiming the moves were Plan A is another. Plan A would suggest the initial plan. It’s widely known the Boston Celtics were hoping to secure Kyrie Irving long-term and then use Irving to lure another marquee free agent, e.g. Anthony Davis, to the Celtics. Boston also pursued other players such as Kevin Durant. The Boston Celtics declined a trade for Kawhi Leonard that would have shipped Jaylen Brown out of town. That doesn’t mean Boston was holding out for Walker and Kanter. At the very least, Ainge, unlike the Celtics ownership group, came off as disingenuous. It wasn’t Plan A, but what about the plan in general? It’s almost genius, which is probably why Ainge is arrogant enough to claim it was Plan A. The Celtics acquired two veteran leaders at positions of need ranked in the top-30 in PER (Player Efficiency Rating) for $40.1 Million. Celtics general manager and president Danny Ainge, left, and coach Brad Stevens watch during a preseason workout at the Boston Celtics’ Auerbach Center...

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