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Author: Peep

#TBT to the greatest car dealership commercial of all time, which just so happened to involve the Pittsburgh Penguins

By: Peep | November 8, 2018 [embedded content] It’s hard to believe the greatest car commercial of all time dropped nearly 11 years ago, but the good news is I’m here to bring it back. Don’t thank me, though. Thank the troop’s. And thank people like this nice woman who voted not once, but TWICE this past Tuesday (#SaluteToService, indeed). After all, I’m just a lowly blogger who lives in his parents’ basement lives two blocks away from his parents. Anyways, since I wrote over a thousand words in last week’s edition of #TBT, I’m going to keep this one...

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[Somewhat] QUICK CAP 14: Bad Geno

By: Peep | November 8, 2018 Hi friends! It’s me – your favorite incompetent blogger who’s only capable of writing recaps with a “quick” in front of them. Not that I can’t write a lot of words (I can!), but instead, I know my skillset. I’m not good at detailed recaps (or analytics or just about anything that doesn’t involve dick jokes). So either deal with it or @ me on twitter. Besides, Jeff will be back next week to resume his role as Head of tPB Operations (aka very good and detailed recaps). Alright, so before we get...

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