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Author: Peep

#TBT: Bob Errey is Pensblog Charlie?

By: Peep | September 20, 2018 [embedded content] This week we’re throwing it back to the OG Pensblog days circa 2010. Now, before I go any further, let me say this. Without a doubt, the original Pensblog crew (Derek, Adam, Rich, Jesse, etc.) made a huge impact on every single one of us that blogs for the Pensblog in 2018. Without those guys, there is no Pensblog. And without that first generation of Pensbloggers, there is no second generation of Pensbloggers. That means no G, Stephen (although he’s actually first generation), Pat, Rez, Leah, Adrian, Josh (shoutout to the...

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Watch Pierre Dorion's brain shut off on live TV when asked what makes him most optimistic about the 2017-2018 Ottawa Senators

By: Peep | September 18, 2018 Yikes. Just a big old YIKES. Let’s just say things in Ottawa haven’t been exactly great since losing to the Penguins in the 2017 Eastern Conference Finals. Nearly 16 months ago this team was one goal away from punching their ticket to the Stanley Cup Final. One. Goal. Away. Think about that for a second. Just one unlucky bounce past Matt Murray, and it’s the Ottawa Senators, and not the Pittsburgh Penguins, facing off against the Nashville Predators in a seven game series for Lord Stanley’s Cup. Flash forward to September 2018, and...

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PHIL KESSEL SPEAKS TO THE MEDIA! – September 17th, 2018

By: Peep | September 17, 2018 In another installment of “Phil Kessel Speaks To The Media!,” today our favorite back-to-back Stanley Cup champion was kind enough to answer questions from dorks with audio recorders for the second day in a row. And there you have it, folks. Another minute and a half of canned respones you probably forgot about within 30 seconds of watching the video. Which leads us to the next point. Will Phil be able to keep up this pace? Phil Kessel spoke to the media again today. Maybe it’s just me, but I worry whether this...

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By: Peep | September 16, 2018 May 9th, 2018. A day many in Pittsburgh sports media may never forget. Phil Joseph Kessel, Jr. did not speak to the media at the Penguins locker clean-out day. You may, on the other hand, remember that time period quite fondly from butthurt tweets such as these: I can think Phil Kessel is a brilliant hockey player who is a great asset to the Penguins, helped them win 2 Cups, shouldn’t get traded and is a wonderful teammate — but should have talked to media yesterday.Get this: It can be both. And is....

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