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Author: Peep

R1G4 QUICK CAP: Pens Tea Bag Flyers Again To Take A 3-1 Series Lead

By: Peep | April 18, 2018 Considering Radko Gudas decided to destroy his own teammate’s knee yesterday in practice, we all knew Philly had a tall hill to climb going into Game 4 without the services of Sean Couturier. Now, with that said, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have made a difference whether that ugly ass, front teeth-missing motherfucker played tonight or not. The back-to-back Stanley Cup Champs flew back to Philadelphia (they went home between games 3 and 4 predictably because Philadelphia is a trash city flooded with trash human beings) and flat out dominated this one all...

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Watch Radko Gudas Obliterate Sean Couturier's Knee In Practice

By: Peep | April 17, 2018 Let’s start with the obvious here. This collision doesn’t look very good. At all. When word leaked out today that Sean Couturier sustained an injury in practice forcing him to limp off the ice, I can’t imagine many people were envisioning it would look something like this. Rivalry aside, you never wanna see a guy go down like this in practice (or a game, for that matter). Not to mention a guy that happens to be your team’s leading postseason point scorer (1 goal, 2 assists). Just an overall tough break for the...

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R1G3 QUICK CAP: Pens Stomp The Flyers, 5-1, To Take A 2-1 Series Lead

By: Peep | April 15, 2018 Let’s be frank here for a second, the Penguins didn’t come out to play for the first 20 minutes of this one. In fact, the Flyers should’ve been up approximately 4-1 after the 1st period had it not been for Matt Murray playing like a back-to-back Stanley Cup champion and Sid scoring an elite-level wrap around goal that probably made Sam Carchidi’s head explode. Meanwhile, it was just an absolute slop fest of a start all around by the rest of the visitors in white. But then came the 2nd period. The Penguins...

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Gary Bettman Being Swarmed By This Winnipeg Jets Fan Might Be The Funniest Picture On The Internet

By: Peep | April 15, 2018 I literally have no idea why the commissioner of the fourth largest sport in North America is taking in a postseason hockey game in a general admission seat, but I don’t hate it either. Perhaps ole Gary B’s pulling off his best impression to prove to the great fans of Winnipeg, Manitoba that he actually watches hockey. Or perhaps he’s just there to mingle with the fans for a little PR 101. Either way, the jury’s still out on whether or not he’s dead or alive in this picture. I can basically envision...

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R1G2 QUICK CAP: Not Our Night (Or Tim Peel's)

By: Peep | April 13, 2018 First thing’s first, let’s be honest here for a second. The Flyers came out and earned this one tonight. It didn’t matter that the shots went 35-20 in favor of the Pens, either. Brian Elliott (who stunk like a fresh piece of dog shit in Game 1) came out tonight and played his balls off while the rest of his teammates in front of him capitalized on their opportunities. It’s as simple as that. Sure, this game would’ve probably turned out a little differently had Patric Hornqvist not hit two posts in the...

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#3elieve: The Washington Capitals Are Back-To-Back-To-Back Metro Division Champs

By: Peep | April 5, 2018 (Editor’s note: this is a re-blog from Monday since the Sports Daily’s site migration is going about as smoothly as this dude smashing bricks off his face and giving himself self-inflicted CTE on Sri Lanka’s Got Talent.) Well, the Caps have done it again, folks. 2017-2018 Metropolitan Division Champs. You know what that means. It’s time to update the banner inside of the Verizon Center Capital One Arena once again and #RockTheRed because everything now until approximately the second week of May will be #ALLCAPS (on a side note, #ALLCAPS might be the dumbest...

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