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Author: @pastagrl88

NHL Concussions Part 2: Close To Home

CONCUSSIONS? In a deposition given in 2015, Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs denied knowing or ever hearing about CTE.  Jacobs was asked if he knew that CTE was diagnosed posthumously in brains of former hockey players. His answer: “I don’t think so, I don’t know.” CTE was discovered in former players Rick Martin, Reggie Fleming, Bob Probert and Steven Montador at the time of his deposition. Years prior to the Jacobs interview,  the NFL settled a $765 million concussion lawsuit, with CTE being thrust into the limelight.  In testimonies obtained by owners, like Jacobs, claim ignorance about CTE, yet are against stopping head hits which can lead to concussions. The NHL has spent over $50 million in legal fees, therefore, it would be unlikely that the owners weren’t at least briefed on what CTE is. MISSING INFORMATION In 2010 the NFL created a poster warning of the repercussions of repeated head trauma and concussions. The warning also states that injuries to the brain can lead to the early onset of dementia. The NHL’s poster does not include the word “dementia.” A medical consultant for the NHL, Dr. John Rizos, had to “water down” the poster. He testified that his original wording caused some problems within the league. So who exactly had issues? None other than NHL lawyer (and ironically a member of the NHL/NHLPA Concussion Working Group) Julie Grand. In an email to...

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RED ICE- Concussions in the NHL (@pastagrl88)

“I think the NHL has misread its hand. This is not going away. This is much bigger than they hoped. I don’t want money at all. I just want research and funding and for them to have neurologists for teams”-former Bruin player Nick Boynton in an exclusive interview with TSN. On July 13th, Judge Susan Nelson denied the request of 150+ players in bringing a class action lawsuit against the NHL. Players have also asked the league to provide medical care in detecting symptoms consisting with Alzheimers, depression, dementia etc. Judge Nelson stated that there’s needs to be “substantial proof” that playing hockey increases the likelihood of being diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease. If you want proof, ask those players whose lives have changed drastically after suffering multiple concussions. Hockey has always had this warrior-like atmosphere where players are expected to skate through injuries; after all, when you suffer from multiple concussions, you’re “damaged goods”.  You play on, but at what cost? And why is the NHL so hesitant in investing money into research to gain a better understanding of this debilitating disease?  In a multi-part series, we take an in-depth look at CTE in the NHL. PUNCH DRUNK PHOTO CREDITS: (MGN) Aggressiveness. Depression. Impulsive behavior. Confusion. Dementia. These are just a few symptoms of CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. It was first diagnosed in 1928 by Dr. Harrison Martland after he described boxers with...

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