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Author: Mike Quilty

Gronkowski Still has ‘The Itch’

Rob Gronkowski held his 7th annual Citi, Pro Camp for kids. Helping the Boston food bank along with the kids who all brought food for a great cause. Gronk was his usual happy self on the first day of his camp this year. The future HOF TE was running around playing quarterback, catching passes and teaching kids the importance of teamwork. He’s a great role model and it showed all day. Everyone Including 800 Children had the same question for Gronk The Patriots could surely use his services on the football field, but for now he is enjoying retirement. Rob is helping out in the community like he’s always done in the past. This year the whole Gronkowski gang was out participating and having a blast. The event along with the kids brought in over 6,500 food items for the Greater Boston Food Bank. Over 6500 items of food for the Greater a Boston Food Bank. (Mike Quilty) Gronk taking a bow(Mike Quilty) The greatest TE I’ve ever seen is just as clutch when it comes to the community as his catches were this postseason and Super Bowl. Gronkowski could potentially come back to the Patriots at some point this upcoming season. The decision will probably be unexpected and a surprise. The TE had one amazing surprise for two of the Pro Camp participants, what a class act. Gronkowski...

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Brady Addresses the “Tom Terrific” Controversy

Another year, another Tom Brady “controversy”. This one led to New York Mets fans losing their minds. The issue for the easily outraged was over a nickname. Tom received massive blowback due to Brady’s marketing team filing for the trademark “Tom Terrific”. Baseball HOF pitcher Tom Seaver was known by fans as Tom Terrific and were not happy hearing about Brady’s plan. The fact this really took place is pure comedy. Tom Brady’s jersey is in the trash with beans on it. The owner here says they used some black beans because Brady is a “black spot” on NYC. — Justin Toscano (@JustinCToscano) June 4, 2019 Brady Spoke on the situation at his press conference today Brady’s first press conference of the 2019 season had many asking about this entire debacle. “It’s unfortunate” Brady said, adding “I was actually trying to do something because I didn’t like the nickname and I wanted to make sure no one used it because some people wanted to use it.” Brady Said he learned a good lesson… The quarterback went into more detail saying, “I was only trying to keep people from using it, and then it got spun around into something different than what it actually was.” Why this is such a big deal in my opinion is obvious, it’s only because it’s Tom Brady. Any other athlete named Tom who...

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The Brady Difference-Part 2

This is one of the most ignorant theories used to discredit Brady’s greatness. Another lazy and tired take. Here’s my rebuttal to the haters who claim Brady’s only good against bad teams. “Well Brady’s Success is due to the AFC East” The AFC “Least”- Not quite true The AFC East is thought to be the worst and most dysfunctional division in the NFL. Believed by many as the reason Brady and the Patriots are any good. My question is, are these teams really that awful and dysfunctional, or do the Patriots make them look that way? Using stats it shows that if you remove each division winner from each division, the AFC “Least” has the highest win percentage in the NFL (.457). Looks like that theory holds no weight. “But Brady wouldn’t thrive in ANY other division!” Once again the Tom Brady difference shows otherwise. Brady’s win % in every division proves the haters wrong. Let’s take a look. Here’s the AFC win percentages. AFCE: 79% AFCN: 81% AFCS: 79% and 65% in the AFCW. Here’s the NFC win percentages. NFCE: 81% NFCN: 85% NFCS: 75% and the NFCW: 67% So Brady Vs NFC teams is 76% and 77% against the AFC. Another theory debunked, Tom Brady would be a dominant QB anywhere he played. Case closed. “Yeah But he Needs to Deflate Footballs to win!” The proof that...

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