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Author: @mickgurn

Paw Sox Longest Game Ever Played

It was some 37 years ago today, on a frigid Saturday night, that the Pawtucket Red Sox hosted the Rochester Red Wings.  No one at the time ever realized how historically important this game would be.  The game between the Paw Sox and Red Wings began on April 18th, 1981.  The two teams battled up to the 32nd inning.  At 4:07 A.M. on April 19th, 1981, play was suspended.  While there were a solid group of fans at the beginning of the game (1740), only 17 fans stuck around until 4:07 AM.  Nevertheless, Harold Cooper, the International League President, shockingly ordered the game to suspend play.  Had I been there, I like to think I would be sticking it out with the other 17 fans.  Nevertheless, I was not yet born. Pawtucket’s Dave Koza gets a pat on the head from teammate Mike Smithson after driving in the winning run in the bottom of the 33rd inning Interesting Facts This 33-inning game is historically significant for many reasons other than the length.  One of the most notable facts about this game is that two Hall of Famers played on both sides.  Wade Boggs for Pawtucket, and Cal Ripken Jr. for Rochester.  Cal Ripken Jr.’s nickname “Iron Man” is on display here, as he played all 33-innings.  Sticking with the theme of the Hall of Fame, Cooperstown is now home to...

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Merrimack Warriors Hire Scott Borek

The newest Head Coach of the Merrimack College Warriors Ice Hockey team is Scott Borek. Merrimack College lured Scott Borek away from Providence College. Scott Borek has been working under Nate Leaman the past three seasons.  Before that, he was working under Dick Umile at the University of New Hampshire since 2003. Coaching History Scott Borek first broke into the college hockey scene as a Dartmouth man before a neck injury.  However, the end to his playing career did create some positives.  He remained with the Big Green as a student assistant coach.  Little did Scott Borek know how important to his life taking that role was to his career. Scott Borek did not squander this new opportunity.  After learning and becoming a student of the game, he turned it into a full time career.  In 1985, Scott Borek became an assistant coach for the Providence College Friars.  Rhode Island remained his home until 1991.  He left his assistant coaching job for his first head coaching job with the Colby Mules.  Scott Borek’s reign as a head coach is an uneventful one as he accumulated a record of 33-35-5.  This led Scott Borek back to the Division 1 scene as, again, an assistant coach with the Lake Superior State Lakers.  Nevertheless, his time as assistant coach only lasted one season.  Following this season, the head coach title was his....

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Down the Farm: 2018 Paw Sox Outlook

For Pawtucket Red Sox Opening Day on Friday, April 6th , there is a 100% chance of rain.  Somewhat fitting for all the news that surrounds the team and their future.  Nevertheless, the excitement for a new upcoming season is what Pawtucket needs.  Tickets remain cheap, parking is free, and amazing fan giveaways will continue this season.  Attendance is going to make or break the Triple-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox this season.  I encourage all readers to make the trip down, it is well worth it. Roster The powerhouse Bryce Brentz and his 30 homeruns will not be on display in Pawtucket this season.  The roster is hurting following the prospects that were sent away in trades involving Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel.  I am not saying those trades are bad.  However, the Red Sox farm system is not what it once was.  Also, players graduating to the majors as well.  Although this may be true, there are some names to look out for this season at McCoy Stadium. Sam Travis continued his tradition of raking in Spring Training.  Although the first base position is currently in use, Travis is not out of the running for the foreseeable future.  In spite of Hanley Ramirez, Mitch Moreland, maybe even Blake Swihart and Brock Holt manning the bag this season, it is unclear if they will be here next season. ...

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