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Author: metstradamus

The Answers May Not Exist

Everyone, we need to talk. We need to come to some hard truths about Matt Harvey. See, he got torched again on Thursday against the Atlanta Braves to the tune of six runs over six innings, all of which came in the first three in a 12-4 loss. Harvey’s ERA for the season is now six. The Mets certainly have to be thinking about replacing Harvey in the rotation. Jason Vargas is probably one rotation turn away from making his second Mets debut. Seth Lugo will always be an option to start. Perhaps Robert Gsellman will be a rotation...

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Take Back The Eighth

By: metstradamus | April 19, 2018 Those old ghosts had taken a vacation for the first two weeks of the season. But as Steven Matz’s meatball was approaching Ryan Zimmerman, the ghosts were back at home on the couch in the space they rent in our heads. Same Old Mets. It’s not quite Same Old Jets. Those ghosts pack heat and they never go anywhere. (They’re in rent controlled space.) But the “Same Old Mets” ghosts are tough to escape sometimes. At 3-0 Nationals before the Mets even came to bat, those ghosts were waving at you to bring...

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Momentum is Today's Pitchers … Not Yesterday's Heartbreak

By: metstradamus | April 18, 2018 Sometimes, writers exaggerate for effect. While I’m tempted to do that in this space and tell you that Monday’s loss led to Tuesday’s 5-2 loss, honestly … I can’t say that. I don’t believe it. Tuesday’s loss was a matter of Gio Gonzalez continuing his mastery of the Mets (along with the bullpen who should have been an oasis for the Mets after Gonzalez left after 97 pitches, but instead just provided more miles of desert), while Zack Wheeler was just okay, (and okay is okay … Wheeler went 99 pitches and had...

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We'll Get 'Em Next Year

By: metstradamus | April 17, 2018 Regression to the mean is a bitch, ain’t it? The Mets took a 6-1 lead into the eighth inning on Monday, where the Mets have dominated this year with an eclectic group of relievers led by Mickey Callaway pushing all the right buttons. This time, after Jacob deGrom went seven and a third stellar innings, Callaway pushed every button he had and it turned into a MacGruber episode. Seth Lugo walked a batter. Jerry Blevins gave up a two run hit to Bryce Harper. Then we got the A.J. Ramos experience … striking...

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First Place Problems

By: metstradamus | April 16, 2018 I’m going to be somewhat of a hypocrite here. But while I worry about Matt Harvey’s performance along with his spot in the rotation, I’m not worried about Noah Syndergaard’s long term outlook for this season. There are still a lot of foul balls off Syndergaard (23), but there are also a lot of swinging strikes (25). And nobody should make a judgement on any pitcher when he has to pitch in a home ballpark in Hoth. Yes, he’ll have to stretch out eventually. (He hasn’t gone past six innings yet this season.)...

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4/15/18 Game Preview: New York Mets at Milwaukee Brewers

By: metstradamus | April 15, 2018 The Mets will look to start a new winning streak today as they face the Milwaukee Brewers at 1:10 PM at Citi Field. After two nice days gave way to a chilly night on Saturday, the temperature will top out at about 42 degrees on Sunday. There will be sporadic rain until 6:00, until it becomes steadier. If you’re going, pack a slicker and pray for no extra innings so that you can get home without drowning. It’s also Youth Baseball Glove day if you’re headed out to Citi Field to brave the...

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All Streaks Die … Not Every Streak Truly Lives

By: metstradamus | April 14, 2018 The streak is over. When a team gets thoroughly dominated at the plate as the Mets did on Saturday, you can’t do anything except tip your hat and move on. Chase Anderson was brilliant over six and a third (two hits, two walks, one run, five K’s) and just when you thought the tide would turn after Craig Counsell lifted him after 87 pitches (which even on a blustery evening seems silly) the Brewers get a key double play ball by Jeremy Jeffress, and two innings thrown by Josh Hader that were almost...

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Nine Is A Gift

By: metstradamus | April 13, 2018 In the course of winning streaks, sometimes you need a little help along the way. Not just from all 25 men on the roster, but a 26th man who lurks in the shadows. Seventh inning, Mets up 6-4 on the strength of a Yoenis Cespedes RBI single two home runs by Todd Frazier, and a three run fifth. Seth Lugo was crusing in relief of Steven Matz, who gave up three earned runs (and four all together) on home runs by Hernan Perez and Ryan Braun. But the Brewers are trying to muster...

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The Catching Conversation is Deafening After Plawecki's Bad Break

By: metstradamus | April 13, 2018 The initial x-rays on Kevin Plawecki’s hand came up negative after he was hit in the hand on Wednesday. But now that the swelling has gone down (and now that the green walls in Miami aren’t around to blind Mets doctors), it’s easier to spot broken bones. And the Mets have spotted a broken bone. Kevin Plawecki did not escape unscathed after all. A follow-up MRI revealed a hairline fracture in his left hand that the initial x-ray did not. The Mets have placed Plawecki on the DL. They lost their two top...

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