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Author: metstradamus


If you rolled up 2020 into a three hour highlight film, it would be Sunday’s loss to the Atlanta Braves. First off, one hit. One hit while the game was competitive. (I’m not counting the final two hits with a 7-0 deficit when Mark Melancon could have been working on a knuckleball and finished off the Mets.) Rick Porcello pitches his best game of the season in an absolute must win for the team, and deserves a ton of credit for that especially with the season he’s had. He gave up a cheapie to the first row of the...

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It’s Miniscule, And Tardy … But Acceptable

You’re not sucking me back in. This game was the very definition of too little too late as they used an 8th inning rally to put the Atlanta Braves away on Saturday and turn the latest Travis Murphy d”Arnaud home run into a mere footnote instead of the last in a long line of nightmares. David Peterson was wobbly, but just as they say that any base hit is a line drive in the newspapers tomorrow, this David Peterson start which featured six innings of three hit ball with ten strikeouts will look like Clayton Kershaw on Baseball Reference...

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I’m Not Even Waiting For The End

It’s 12-1 in the sixth and I have no patience to wait until the end of this game to blog. We’re going to lose. Somebody suggested that Steven Matz needs a sports psychologist. Headspace was a talking point early in his career. Tonight’s outing had nothing to do with headspace. It’s about him coming back from injury and not being able to top 93 with his fastball. If this is the new reality for Steven Matz, then he’s going to be the ace next year … for the Hanwah Eagles. It’s 13-1 now, and the guy who is in...

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A Pimp To The High Heavens

This game had everything you’d expect out of 2020, and a few things you didn’t expect … much like 2020. First off, who expected the Mets to jump out to a 3-0 off Aaron Nola, who was not his dominant self? Then, who expected Seth Lugo to lose the lead not only so quickly, but so forcefully? The Phillies played pinball with Lugo as Bryce Harper, Alec Bohm, and Didi Gregorius all reached the seats to tie the game at 3-3 before Jean Segura tripled and scored to make it 4-3. The thing that struck me about Lugo was...

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Have A Laugh, And A Good Night’s Sleep (And Maybe A Beer Or Two)

The frustration that I felt last night, I imagine the players on the roster are feeling it too. And when Jacob deGrom left the game after two innings and down 3-0 with a hamstring spasm, it would have been easy to roll over and die. When Michael Wacha gave up a home run to Jean Segura to make it 4-0, the rotation seemed halfway complete. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t have held it against them if they completed the 360 at that point. The Mets got on the board in the 4th on a groundout, and then J.D. Davis hit...

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Burn It To The Ground

The Mets are at the point know where they are Nicky and Dominic in the sticks getting buried while they’re still breathing. They lost 4-1 to the Phillies and unless they take the next two … which is certainly possible with Jacob deGrom and Seth Lugo on the bump … you can call their season toast. As a public service announcement, I’m here to tell you that I don’t care that they’re only two and a half out of a playoff spot with just under two weeks to go. I have no faith in a 21-27 team and no...

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