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Author: metstradamus

At Least They Lost In Under Three Hours

The Mets got pounded again tonight. Tylor Megill gave up three home runs in a game that Megill probably shouldn’t have even pitched, as at 84 innings and change, it’s the most innings he’s pitched in his career and he’s probably gassed. But everyone is gassed and limping to the finish line, as the Mets have won five games this month. And you can’t bench everybody. But I’d just as soon have Brad Hand pitch every inning the rest of the season. Punish Luis Rojas like you would punish your kid who you caught smoking by making them smoke...

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You May Be Done With Kyle Schwarber, But Kyle Schwarber Isn’t Done With You

Can Kyle Schwarber play in Korea next year? Seriously … Justin Bour is playing with the LG Twins and he’s hitting .170 and has the range of a traffic cone. I’m sure LG would pay Schwarber handsomely to take over at first base for them. And I hear the chicken and beer is really good over there. Schwarber hit two more home runs off the Mets tonight (nine in ten games), and both came off Taijuan Walker (four this season, five all time). Walker gave up six runs in two innings and was pulled early because Luis Rojas is...

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Calvin Schiraldi Ain’t Walkin’ Through That Door

A question for Yankees fans … did you really think the Mets were going to help you tonight? I mean, did you think Bob Stanley was going to come jogging out of the bullpen and throw a wild pitch to Jonathan Villar? Cant think of a more telling sign your team is in a bad place than having to root for the orioles and mets in september — You (@BravesGasm) September 20, 2021 Look, I have to root for the Mets every September. I know I’m in a bad place for most of them. It’s time that fans of...

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The Final Hurrah?

The conversations I’ve been having with my Mets fan friends have revolved around the same general theme: Who stays and who goes for 2022. The Mets won tonight for the first time since Whistling Strait Jacket Night by a score of 3-2. The three runs were driven home by Dom Smith (a two run pinch double in the 5th), and Jeff McNeil (a solo home run off Kyle Gibson in the 7th). It made me wistful, as one of the things I typed out to somebody today was that if McNeil, Dom, and Michael Conforto had seasons that were...

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It Just Doesn’t Matter

I’m trying to negotiate the dichotomy between being completely annoyed watching this team, and being sad that in two more weeks, we might not see the Mets until 2023. But in a weird way, once those two forces met and cancelled each other out in the recesses of my mind, then I was able to handle tonight’s 5-3 loss to the Phillies a lot better than I normally would. I mean yeah, Carlos Carrasco gave up another first inning run. But I’m convinced that a Carlos Carrasco first inning is like Ed Norton playing Swanee River every time he...

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