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Author: metstradamus

I Believe I Can Fly (Says The Pig That Just Saw Jacob deGrom Win A Game)

By: metstradamus | June 19, 2018 *The Mets needed to go to Coors Field to get Jacob deGrom run support. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, yes … Jacob deGrom was rewarded for another stellar performance against the Rockies at Coors Field in a 12-2 Mets win (yes, twelve). It had to make him good that before he even threw a pitch, there was this: [embedded content] The guy is just showing off now. hitting game winning home runs, inside the park home runs, conventional home runs (he had two tonight), and strengthening his case to give...

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Report: Baseball Gods Possess Pity

By: metstradamus | June 18, 2018 It wasn’t quite Carter, Mitchell, Knight, Buckner. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The errors came before the clutch, this time. Jose Reyes’ two out, nobody on bunt started off as potential irony, as in wouldn’t it be ironic if, after all the needless firestorm over a bunt in 2011, that a bunt single would be Reyes’ final at-bat with the Mets. Of course, after visiting Mets fans sing songed his name on Saturday, that will hardly be the case. And after Alex Avila picked up what was going to be a...

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The Sun Shines On A Stopped Clock Twice A Day

By: metstradamus | June 17, 2018 Okay, maybe I got my metaphors mixed, but the Mets scored five runs!!! Yeah, but did they win? Fair question. But yes, the Mets did win. Michael Conforto banged a three run HR in the second inning and, while I hesitate using hack phrases like “set the tone”, it actually made me exhale a little bit and I’m sure that the team did the same. Conforto was 2-for-5 against Patrick Corbin coming in, and his home run and double against Corbin puts this matchup on the fast track towards David Wright vs. Kevin...

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Micro Versus Macro

By: metstradamus | June 16, 2018 I’m the first one to realize that the struggles of this baseball organization run much deeper than a bushel full of runners left on base and idiotic plays and horrible luck. All the micros pay homage to the macro, which is that the Wilpons are horrible owners who care more about real estate than putting together a winning baseball team. This leads to general managers who make questionable transactions, managers who learn to shave on our faces, and players who use Flushing as a retirement home and wind up playing second base for...

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Contracting The Stupids

By: metstradamus | June 15, 2018 Sucking is unavoidable. But sucking because the thought process is skewered is infuriating. That’s a nice way of saying stop being stupid. Jason Vargas is facing Paul Goldschmidt in the third inning in a 1-1 tie. Goldschmidt has seen nothing but fastballs and changeups inside in two at-bats. That’s the same Paul Goldschmidt who, in his previous 15 games, was batting .433 … That’s a four in front of a thirty-three. So that brings us to a 3-1 count, bases empty, John Ryan Murphy on deck with two outs. Not John Ryan Babe...

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What's More Depressing?

By: metstradamus | June 14, 2018 So we know how bad the Mets offense has been. It’s historical. Every day you expect them to break out of it (and by Mets standards, three might be a break out), because it really can’t be as bad as it’s been. And certainly it can’t get any worse for Jacob deGrom, right? Well here we are. deGrom pitched another stellar game on Wednesday, Seven runs, seven hits, seven strikeouts, no walks, one run. He was the losing pitcher. deGrom has a 2-2 record with an 0.86 ERA in the Mets’ last ten...

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Slathered In Apathy

By: metstradamus | June 13, 2018 This video was making the twitter rounds tonight. Have you seen it? (Be careful with how high you pot the audio if you’re in a public place.) I was at this game. I was angry at this game. I was angry when I watched the game that this incident was born out of. Watching this video, I got angry all over again. I got angry to the point where I would think about how many f-bombs I would drop if I ever saw Chase Utley on the 7 train or something. Like …...

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