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Author: metstradamus

Chasened Departure

The Sports Daily > Metstradamus Blog Chasened Departure It was something we saw coming when the Mets put Chasen Bradford on waivers. But it seems like we all see everything coming except the Mets, who predictably lost Bradford on waivers to the Seattle Mariners today. Sad to say goodbye to the @Mets fans and my teammates but excited to see what the future holds with the @Mariners and excited to get to work. — Chasen Bradford (@CBbaseball46) January 19, 2018 It might seem pointless to bitch about the loss of a 28-year-old middle reliever. but since the start of...

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Risk Assessment

The Sports Daily > Metstradamus Blog Risk Assessment The Mets signing Adrian Gonzalez is New York City putting bicycle lanes on Queens Boulevard. They both think they’re doing something wonderful. But they’re solving problens that don’t exist. Bike lanes and Adrian Gonzalez are unnecessary and potentially fraught with risk. That’s right, you “low-risk, high-reward” zombies. There’s risk here. Queens Boulevard is a four lane thoroughfare. parking spots were put on either side of the outer lanes to slow down traffic so that people wouldn’t die. Now, bike lanes have been put on the inner portions of the service lanes. It means that...

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