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Author: Matt Stopsky

Week 13 New York Giants Takeaways

Weeks ago, the idea of a 2-9 New York Giants team visiting a 5-6 Oakland Raiders team being a national story would have been a joke. Fast forward a few weeks and one absolutely botched public relations disaster later and here we are. It wasn’t the records of the teams that was the reason for national interest. It wasn’t even the players competing in the game. It was the one player not in the game that caused the sports world to blow up, and for all eyes to be on a battle between two losing teams. Eli Manning, the...

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Week 11 New York Giants Takeaways

What a difference a week makes. Seven days ago, the New York Giants were seen as an embarrassment. They had just come off of a pathetic 31-21 loss to the then winless San Francisco 49ers. There were accusations that the team had quit, and that the “tank” was fully on to get the highest pick possible in the 2018 NFL Draft. Those accusations have since been silenced. The Giants came out in Week 11 against the leaders of the AFC West, the Kansas City Chiefs, and showed the NFL that they are still here to play. Here are the...

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