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Author: Matt Shetler

Pittsburgh Pirates Wake Up Call: Too Little Too Late?

By: Matt Shetler | July 13, 2018 In our daily Wake-Up Call, we get you ready for the day with a complete look at all things Pittsburgh Pirates. Just when you think the Pittsburgh Pirates can’t do anything right, they play another solid ballgame and defeat the Milwaukee Brewers 6-3 Thursday night at PNC Park. That makes four wins in their past five games and pulls the Bucs to within 10.5 games of the National League Central leading Brewers. Jameson Taillon didn’t have to worry about getting pulled early in this one as he allowed just one run on...

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How did Neal Huntington get the Pittsburgh Pirates get to this point?

By: Matt Shetler | July 12, 2018 For most of the past couple of months, the Pittsburgh Pirates have been a tough team to watch. It was just a few years ago when things were different in Pittsburgh. How did we end up here? It’s mostly due to the handiwork of Pirates general manager Neal Huntington and while all of his roster decisions weren’t bad ones, there simply haven’t been enough good moves over the past three years to offset all of the bad ones. The Good Huntington and the Pirates organization have a reputation for trading good players...

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Should the Pirates send Austin Meadows back to Triple-A?

By: Matt Shetler | July 11, 2018 Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Austin Meadows initial promotion has been a success and after going 2-for-2 Tuesday night against the Washington Nationals, he sits with an impressive .304/.335/.486 line. With that being said, is it time to send Meadows back to Triple-A. I’ll wait while everyone swears and laughs, but the reality of the situation is that Meadows needs to play and Clint Hurdle is not playing him. With a team going nowhere, Meadows needs regular at bats and right now he’s clearly the fourth outfielder in the Pirates rotation. Since July 4,...

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Does Josh Harrison have any trade value left?

By: Matt Shetler | July 4, 2018 MLB general managers tend to have the most success when they strike while the iron is hot. When a potential move is on the table, you never want to hang onto a player and hope you can get more value for him at a later date. That’s a lesson Pittsburgh Pirates general manager Neal Huntington likely learned with Andrew McCutchen the past couple of years. It’s also a lesson he may learn with Josh Harrison. Too many things can happen to lower a player’s value, most notably injuries and slumps. With the...

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Neal Huntington needs to pick a lane and stay in it

By: Matt Shetler | July 3, 2018 After the Pittsburgh Pirates took their past two series against the New York Mets and San Diego Padres, it likely gives Pirates’ general manager Neal Huntington the excuse he needs to once again play both sides of the fence as the trade deadline nears. Huntington is like that driver on a busy freeway, who even though there have been signs posted for miles, he’s in the far left lane when he needs to exit to the right. He then proceeds to try and cut everyone else off only to fall short and...

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