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Author: @ltcmiked

Apocalypse Now?

Following New England’s Super Bowl XXXIX victory over Philadelphia, Bill Belichick memorably embraced Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel, his offensive and defensive coordinators. Both men were off to head coaching positions – Weis to Notre Dame and Crennel to the Cleveland Browns. Both were great coordinators and ultimately awful head coaches. Image source: Today, as the Patriots prepare for a run at a historic sixth Lombardi Trophy, they again face the same prospect. Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia are both likely to receive one or more head coaching offers. Linebackers coach Brian Flores is also being considered for the Cardinals defensive coordinator position. (SBNation) Closing Window of Opportunity Even with Brady in his prime, it took New England ten years to win a Super Bowl after Weis and Crennel left. Brady doesn’t have ten years left. If his avocado ice cream and magic $200 jammies keep him healthy, he has maybe three high-quality seasons in him. And, after trading Jimmy G, we have no heir to the throne. This is a flawed team. They can’t pressure the quarterback on defense and can’t protect our own on offense. The weakness of the defensive line forces the secondary to cover receivers for five to seven seconds on every passing play. Nobody can consistently do that. That’s why players as talented as Gilmore and Butler end up conceding monster yards almost every game....

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Don’t Go Away Mad IT, Just Go Away.

Enough already. Every time someone puts a keyboard or microphone near Isaiah Thomas’ face he reminds us more and more of his namesake. We hated that IT. Our IT was great last year. Huge in the playoffs. We were sad when he left. No more. Kyrie Irving is a better player than Thomas. It’s not even debatable. He’s also, apparently, a lot more grown up. Le Divorce Fandom, especially in Boston, is like a marriage. We love our teams and players until we don’t. And then, like a divorce, we tend to hate their very existence. Sure, there have been some amicable splits. We love Ray Bourque, despite leaving to lift Lord Stanley in Colorado. And, other than that bastard Johnny Damon who went to New York, we don’t hate anyone of the 2004 Red Sox players who went elsewhere. They drink for free forevah! Thomas came to Boston a pretty average NBA player. He spent three seasons in Sacramento (2011-2014) and had a cup of coffee in Phoenix in (2014-2015). In those three and a half years he averaged just over 15 points, 4.5 assistants, and less than a steal per game. He was 37% from the 3-point line and 44% from the field. He was a nice player. In two and a half years in Boston he became a star – averaging over 24 points, 6 assists, and...

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