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Author: Leah M. Blasko

About that “Inability to Close Teams Out” Thing

Ever since the final whistle blew in the Penguins game 5 loss in Pittsburgh to the Flyers the internet has been in a tizzy that the “Penguins can’t close teams out” well, let’s take a look at it. Over the last two seasons under Mike Sullivan, the Pittsburgh Penguins have won 8 of 8 playoff series. It’s what happens when you win back-to-back Stanley Cups, obviously. But neither cup was won at home and, if you are to believe the internet, neither were any of the other series. To this I say: Of their eight combined series wins five...

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Casual Reminder: Sidney Crosby is a Good Dude

By: Leah M. Blasko | April 17, 2018 Hockey is a family. Nothing has reminded us of that more lately than the tragic bus crash involving the Humboldt Broncos hockey team. From every corner of the hockey world, everyone has come together to remember those lost and support those who fight on. So it was hardly surprising when word came out that the Penguins, led by their Captain, did something for the Humboldt victims. First, there was a jersey. Personalized to say Broncos with the number 18 and signed by every member of the Pittsburgh Penguins. But, because Sidney...

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