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Author: Kata Stevens

New York Giants 2018 NFL Draft Review

After a fatal early end to their most recent season, the New York Giants have been making careful moves to reconstruct their broken organization. Upon the start of the off-season, they began calculating ways to strengthen the team, including trimming the roster to make way for more coveted talent. Prior to the draft, Big Blue released corner Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, whom they reportedly had asked to switch positions and take a pay cut, punter Brad Wing, and wide receiver Dwayne Harris, whose season was shortened due to injury. Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after...

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Lawrence Taylor: The Legacy of the New York Giants at Pick Number Two

On Thanksgiving 1982, Lawrence Taylor was a hot grenade. His pin had been removed early in the fourth quarter of the holiday game by Detroit Lions quarterback Gary Danielson. The Lions had driven deep into the opponent territory on their home turf, threatening a touchdown to break an arduous 6-6 tie game. Danielson had his offensive line prepped to make way for a clean left pass towards running back Horace King. The Lions position themselves in a formation familiar to Taylor’s mental playbook. He prepared his stance for battle. Timeout; Detroit. Damn. The anticipation built inside his shell. What...

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