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Author: Joshua Carney

Francisco Cervelli getting work at first base

By: Joshua Carney | July 13, 2018 Tuesday morning, Pittsburgh Pirates broadcaster Greg Brown lit up Twitter with a short clip of Francisco Cervelli taking groundballs at first base. While it might seem harmless on the surface, there could be more at play with Cervelli getting work in at first base. With a lengthy concussion history, and a propensity to take fouls off the mask at a high rate of speed, the Pirates could be looking to prolong Cervelli’s career and value to the team moving forward. By getting Cervelli work at first, it gives the Pirates an opportunity...

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Starling Marte a liability is way off base

By: Joshua Carney | July 11, 2018 Monday was an interesting afternoon for media members at The Fan, Pittsburgh’s No. 1 Sports Talk Radio show on 93.7 FM. Andrew Fillipponi said Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell has never played in a Steelers’ playoff victory (false), while Paul Zeise said Jameson Taillon is the Pirates’ biggest disappointment of the 2018 season. But the one comment that really took the cake on a rather ridiculous day was Colin Dunlap, host of the Fan’s morning show, writing on Twitter that the Pirates needed to trade away not only Gregory Polanco, but also...

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Pittsburgh Pirates enter a pivotal 10-game stretch

By: Joshua Carney | July 6, 2018 Just 10 home games separate the Pittsburgh Pirates from the All-Star Break, and quite honestly, it might be the most important 10-game stretch of the season, considering what could happen following the break. Starting tonight, the Pittsburgh Pirates host 10 straight games at PNC Park, as the Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Nationals, and Milwaukee Brewers come to down before the four-day break kicks into gear. As I mentioned in a previous article, the Pirates really struggle against teams with .500 or better records on the season. All three teams coming to PNC Park...

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Pittsburgh Pirates' GM Neal Huntington might have a credibility problem

By: Joshua Carney | July 4, 2018 Back on June 17, Pittsburgh Pirates general manager Neal Huntington told Chris Adamski of the Tribune-Review that the Pirates have had more discussions about adding players, than subtracting. Fast-forward nearly three weeks, and a mark of 5-9 in that span, it’s hard to believe Huntington still feels that way. A week ago, I called for the Pittsburgh Pirates to sell, sell, sell. I haven’t come off that stance, so I do wonder if Huntington changed his view. But does it really matter if he did or didn’t? It’s time to have a...

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