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Author: Joseph Coblitz

BurningRiverRadio: We Don't Need No Bullpen

By: Joseph Coblitz | May 15, 2018 The boys are back as Joe Coblitz and Mike Melaragno combine to talk about the Tribe’s bullpen and outfield options, within and without the club as well as their chances to win the Central. They finish off with an hour of Bauer (not really), discussing the morality of using pine tar and running your mouth. Burning River Radio, Indians View the original article on Burning River Baseball: BurningRiverRadio: We Don't Need No...

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Showing some Love for Lovegrove

By: Joseph Coblitz | May 15, 2018 Kieran Lovegrove was one of the first players to gain major attention on BurningRiverBaseball and get my eye in particular (he was ranked in our top 50 Indians prospects in 2012 and 2013, but not again after). We started the site in 2011 and he was a third round pick in 2012 as a 17 year old right handed starting pitcher from Mission Vaiejo, California, but originally from South Africa. For a young site focusing on Indians minor leaguers and international baseball, he was a perfect player to highlight throughout his career...

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