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Author: @jmansports823

How Klay Thompson’s injury helps the C’s sign him

Klay Thompson is the most underrated player in the entire NBA. He’s one of the best three-point shooters of all time, and one of the best defenders in the league. His unfortunate ACL injury has severely impacted his future. Most assume he’ll return to Golden State where his injury won’t affect his pay. However, Boston is secretly the best bet to sign him now. Here’s why: Via The Gordon Hayward Experience Klay Thompson will miss most of next season rehabbing from his injury. Most teams aren’t comfortable with taking on that task. Boston won’t have that problem. After seeing the way the Celtics treated Hayward, Klay Thompson and others would feel more comfortable going to a franchise that will be able to adequately care for them. He’s a perfect fit in Boston The beauty of Klay Thompson’s game is that he doesn’t have to handle the ball. He can cut to the hoop well and is a deadly spot-up shooter. The key to his integration on the C’s is his defense. Thompson is an exceptional defender and covers multiple positions on the court. The Celtics pride themselves as a defensive team, and Klay fits the mold. Via He doesn’t have to be the Star Part of the reason Klay Thompson is so underrated is because he’s been a supporting player on the Warriors. As such, and especially...

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Celtics: Is a one-year rental for Anthony Davis worth it?

With trade talks heating up, Rich Paul told SI Now that the Celtics could trade for AD, but that’d be a near-guarantee he leaves after the season. This raises the question of what AD’s worth is to the Celtics if he isn’t staying. There are many factors to consider, and we’ll look at the important ones in this article. Have One-Year rentals worked and changed? Many people like to say that, when they take a one-year rental, they can convince him to stay. Does this actually work, though? In the case of Kawhi Leonard, it certainly seems that way. Leonard got traded to Toronto on the assumption that he’d decline his option and be a free agent. Instead, Toronto is on the precipice of its first franchise Finals win with Leonard poised to stay. This situation is not the rule, but certainly a possibility. Jayson Tatum has limitless potential and almost certainly would be a centerpiece of trade talks What would the Celtics have to give up? It’s almost a guarantee that the Celtics would give up almost all its current first-round picks in order to acquire Anthony Davis. However, a trancendant talent like Davis isn’t pried away with uncertain rookies alone. Jayson Tatum, though up and down, has been a star in the making for the C’s and shows much talent. He’d be a piece the Pelicans would...

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How does Kevin Durant’s injury impact the Celtics?

I outlined in my previous article the reasons why Kevin Durant should sign with the Celtics. After his unfortunate Achilles tear last night, that seems like a lost thought. Durant’s expected recovery time is 10-18 months. However, there are plenty of ways that Durant going down drastically effects the entire NBA, and helps the C’s. No Durant most likely means no New York for Kyrie Kyrie Irving’s Free Agency decision Kyrie Irving has been linked to KD since the All-Star break. Rumors about the two joining forces have run rampant all season. Now with Kevin Durant out for the next year, Kyrie’s decision is altered. He now must either decide between the Brooklyn Nets or a return to Boston. He may want to wait the year out for a healthy Durant Durant’s fall from the #1 spot could lure Leonard out to view his options Dramatic shift in the FA Market Kevin Durant was all set up to be the top free agent of 2019, and every other player would fall under him. With the top market option no longer number 1, that leaves a lot of money on the table. This potentially could lure Kawhi Leonard to decline his player option, and give the C’s a chance at grabbing a generational talent. Leonard would be insane to not give himself the options he’d have as the top free...

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Why Kevin Durant should sign with Celtics

Kevin Durant is set to be the marquee free agent this summer. With Golden State having helped him win two titles, it’s time for KD to cement his legacy elsewhere. Many believe he may be headed to Brooklyn or the Knicks to lead them to the promised land. However, the one place Durant should really go to is Boston. Here’s why; Durant and OKC blew a 3-1 lead in the 2017 WCF 1. He Needs to win somewhere else Kevin Durant is most infamous for jumping ship to the Warriors from the Oklahoma City Thunder. KD has yet to reach a Finals, let alone win one, without the help of an established dynasty. Boston hasn’t reached an NBA Final since 2010, almost a decade. These two can accomplish great things together and rewrite both their legacies. 2. He was almost here before Before Kevin Durant made his choice to join the Golden State Warriors, he was almost a Celtic. Many Boston athletes like Julian Edelman were all-in on recruitment. Durant saw plenty enough to have the team on the table, so why not go back? He’d be an immediate superstar and is still wanted by the front office of the C’s. Anthony Davis has been linked to multiple teams, including the Celtics 3. Anthony Davis The Celtics are one of the many teams linked to Anthony Davis, and have...

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Celtics Mock Draft: C’s to bolster depth

The Boston Celtics possess four picks in this year’s NBA Draft. With most top-level prospects gone by the time the Celtics pick, this is the time to build depth. Brad Steven’s team relied too much on underperforming stars and lacked depth. This is the time for Danny Ainge to build up the C’s foundation. Picture from 14th Overall: Nassir Little, SF, North Carolina Nassir Little should be at the top of the Celtics draft board. His stock fell due to his poor 3-PT shooting at the collegiate level. However, he plays excellent defense and can attack the rim with ease. The Celtics have enough floor spacing that Little’s problems wouldn’t bother them much. Photo from 20th Pick: Ty Jerome, PG, Virginia Ty Jerome is the prototypical Brad Stevens player. He’s a reliable ball handler and defender from the 1 or 2 position. His biggest factor is his ability to run an offense. He can reliably run the floor while a coach gives his starters rest. His high basketball IQ has had the Celtics interested throughout the draft process. He’d be great value at No. 20. Photo from 22nd Pick: Tacko Fall, C, UCF Tacko Fall is perhaps the most intriguing prospect in the entire draft. He is very raw in terms of basketball skill, and could use development in all aspects of the sport. His physical...

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NBA Draft: How the Celtics Can land the #2 Pick

The Boston Celtics are in a bit of a pinch in terms of cap space. Even with the impending departure of Kyrie Irving the C’s still have problems. Therefore, they will be forced to improve their roster in the upcoming NBA Draft. They currently hold the 14th, 20th, and 22nd picks in the first round of this year’s draft. However, this draft holds the key to the Celtics biggest hole at PG; that answer is Ja Morant. The Memphis Grizzlies, who possess the #2 pick, are slotted to take Morant but may be willing to explore trading the pick. Here is how Danny Ainge can swing the trade. Cap implications between Boston and Memphis make guys like Hayward and Horford (pictured) nigh untradeable. Untradeables/Untouchables First, lets start by outlining what won’t be on the trade table. Gordon Hayward‘s contract-production combo makes him immovable. If Horford accepts his $30M option, he would also be hard to trade due to his age and what he can bring to a team. Sean Faulkner breaks down the cap problems perfectly in his roster prediction article. Also, expect the Grizzlies to want to keep Mike Conley and Jaren Jackson Jr., quality players that they can build around without the #2 pick. Lastly, I’d imagine Jayson Tatum is untouchable, as Ainge and Brad Stevens see huge potential in him. Trade One: C’s try the Danny...

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Why Marcus Smart is the Celtics’ MVP

After a tumultuous season for the Celtics, we begin the offseason discussion. With a few key pieces of last season set to hit free agency, we must look at what the Celtics need to hold on to. There is no player on this team that is more valuable than Marcus Smart. While an unpopular opinion, a case can be made that Smart was the team MVP last season. Here’s why: Smart has expertly defend high-caliber players like LeBron James All-NBA Defensive First Team When you here the name Marcus Smart, you probably think of how great a defender he is. Smart made his first All-NBA defensive first team this year. However, Marcus ‘Winning Plays’ Smart has been putting on the clamps all five years he’s been on the C’s. Averaging 1.6 steals in his career, Smart is sneakily good at pickpocketing the ball. His biggest impact is that Marcus’ defensive plays always seem to alter the course of the game in favor of the C’s. Marcus Smart: Locker Room Leader Smart doesn’t receive enough praise for his leadership qualities. For one, he brings a competitive edge to the team. This edge is sometimes the difference between them winning and losing. The Marcus Smart mentality also is a huge help come playoff season, which is why the Celtics have enjoyed recent postseason success. Smart is also a leader in the...

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NBA Draft: Who the C’s Should target at #14

The Celtics possesses one lottery pick, at the 14th selection this year. Most times the end of the lottery has not yielded great players in the league. However, players like Tim Hardaway and Clyde Drexler have been great value at 14 for other teams. With that note, here are 5 players the Celtics should target in this upcoming NBA Draft. Fall’s size and length could raise his stock more than some think. 5. Tacko Fall, C, UCF Tacko Fall is by no means a complete player. He still has some work to do on his game to become more well-rounded. Its his size that has scouts drooling over his potential. Standing at 7’7″ with an 8’2″ wingspan makes him tower over any player. His long, thin arms allow him to attack the rim with ease, as well as make spectacular defensive plays. With Horford likely to return to Boston, he can be a great mentor to help develop Fall into a quality pick. Williams brings experience and two-way ability to the table 4. Grant Williams, PF/C, Tennessee Grant Williams is one of the NBA Draft’s safest choices. Although a hot-and-cold shooter from deep, Williams is mostly a complete prospect. The two-time SEC Player of the year is everything you want from a stretch big. A reliable offensive game inside the ark and the athleticism to guard multiple position. Williams...

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Celtics: 3 Ways the C’s can improve the PG position this coming season

The Boston Celtics’ up-and-down season came to a close in a 4-1 series loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. Terry Rozier appeared on ESPN’ First Take to say he was leaving the Celtics because of what he sacrificed. Kyrie Irving seems to be already out the door. It is now the time we must ask what the Celtics long-term plan is at the point guard position. Believe it or not, they’re in a much better position to improve this position than you think. Celtics star Gordon Hayward is a viable ballhandler in a Brad Stevens system 1. Make Gordon Hayward the PG Gordon Hayward and Brad Stevens history is well documented, and it seemed at a few points this year that Stevens wanted the system to flow through Gordon. He’s not the same wing player he was before the ankle injury. However, he is still a good ball-handler and reliable shooter. Hayward is very experienced in Brad Stevens’ system thanks to his college experience. Hayward would be able to act as an extension of Brad Stevens due to this knowledge, and help the Celtics’ young core acclimate to the system. In the ever-evolving position-less NBA, Hayward seems like the perfect fit at the 1 in Stevens system. This also puts Hayward in a position to succeed and live up to his superstar-level contract. Celtics and Patty Mills are an ideal...

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