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2020 NBA Finals: Celtics v. Warriors, The Almost Rematch of 2018

In 2018, The Celtics were a few minutes away from riding their surging young core past the Cleveland Cavaliers into a finals matchup with The Golden State Warriors. LeBron James would pull another triple-double to rob us of this potential matchup. Looking to 2020, we could very well see both the Celtics and Warriors square off with similar teams to what they had in 2018. via Why They’ll meet in The Finals The Warriors possess a distinct advantage in that they experienced the least turnover in the Western Conference. They have essentially the same roster they had when they won two championships. The Celtics have an advantage in that they have a revamped version of their 2018 squad, featuring All-Star Kemba Walker. Both teams also have top-5 coaches in Brad Stevens and Steve Kerr. The free agency that severely altered the league has put both these teams into a great position to make a run in the playoffs. via What’s changed for the Celtics? The Warriors had won the NBA title in 2018 after Boston failed to get past Cleveland to meet them there. However, now they are in a position to make it happen. For starters, both Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum have grown. With Tatum in his third year and Brown in his fourth, both the young wings have the experience and minutes to flourish...

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Why the Celtics need to trade Daniel Theis

In today’s NBA, every team is constantly looking for ways to improve their roster. Sometimes that means trading away a quality player in a position of surplus. The Celtics look to have four centers on their roster: Enes Kanter, Robert Williams, Vincent Poirier, and Daniel Theis. With a need for cap flexibility, and only so many minutes, someone has to go. Daniel Theis, sadly, fits this profile. Here’s why: via Size and Skillset Daniel Theis stands at 6’8″ and has primarily provided the Celtics with solid bench scoring. Both Kanter and Poirier can also do that. The only difference is each stands two + inches taller than Theis. Unlike Robert Williams, Theis has little defensive upside on the floor. He also has had struggles rebounding (attributed to his size), while all three others are above-average rebounders. Daniel Theis seems to be getting squeezed out due to his smaller skillset in a Celtics system that favors versatility. Contract Complications The Celtics re-signed Daniel Theis to a two-year, $10 million contract. He is 27 years old, and will be 29 when he hits free agency. With the team hitting a youth movement, his contract is interesting. The team consists of young guys, long-term vets, and some minimum contracts. Theis has a trade friendly conract that’s easy to move, which bodes poorly for him. via Net value to gain What...

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Who Makes the Leap: Jaylen or Jayson?

The Celtics had an offseason dedicated to building around the their young wing pairing. Both Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum will be expected to take the next step towards stardom. The real question is: Who makes that step first? Via The case for Jaylen Brown Jaylen Brown was the 3rd overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft by the Boston Celtics. Coming in as a typical 3-and-D wing player, he has slowly added more depth to his game. His slashing ability has improved, and he shows incredible explosiveness around the rim. His defensive versatility has made him a favorite of coach Brad Stevens. His only downfall is he felt he should’ve been a starter last year and has developed a little cockiness to his character Via Sports Illustrated The case for Jayson Tatum Jayson Tatum has Star potential written all over him. He has a well-rounded offensive game, and is a threat to score from anywhere. His defense is a work in progress, but he possesses the length and athleticism to be elite on that side of the ball. The biggest concern is his sophomore slump. He was a borderline All-Star when the Celtics battled injuries his rookie year. Chemistry problems and poor shot selection hindered his development. Here’s hoping he can bounce back this year. Final Verdict: Jayson Tatum Both Celtics players should see improvement this year,...

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Gordon Hayward primed for comeback season

Celtics fans have had a tumultuous relationship with Gordon Hayward. He signed a big contract two seasons ago, and has been characterized by inconsistency and injury. Some of the Celtic’s chemistry problems were attributed to Brad Stevens ‘force-feeding’ Hayward last year. It looks like Gordon Hayward is a bust as a free agent. But he is in prime position for a monster comeback season. From No Expectations It would be fair to say we don’t expect much out of Gordon Hayward this year. The former All-Star has not lived up to expectations, and may not even start this year. This unloads a ton of pressure off of Hayward. He can play without critique knowing we don’t expect much of him. Every positive contribution he makes is a good sign. From A more cohesive Celtics team The Boston Celtics came out of the draft looking to build a team of cohesive guys who want to play together. A more pass-oriented offense should help Hayward find his groove early and often. It should also allow Hayward more open looks with a more diverse offense than last years Celtics team. He has all the tools to succeed Now two years removed from his horrific ankle injury, Gordon Hayward should reach his former glory. His leg has had more time to properly heal and give him his explosive athleticism back. Coupled...

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Why Robert Williams should be The Celtic’s Starting Center

All offseason long we have talked about the Boston Celtic’s options at the center position. A ragtag group of unproven player who must replace Al Horford. Enes Kanter, Daniel Theis, Robert Williams, Vincent Poirier, and Tacko Fall are their options. Here are the reasons why they should go with the man nicknamed ‘Time Lord’. Via Size and Versatility When it comes to the perfect blend of size and two-way ability, Robert Williams is your guy. Standing at 6’10”, 240 lbs with a 7’6” wingspan is some impressive measurements. He combines this with shot-blocking and rebounding ability that is quite impressive. He also possesses court vision that is well beyond his years. His ability to use his athleticism to attack the rim will aid him in his career. A center with the playmaking ability of The Time Lord is a scary threat. Low cost, high upside The misconception that the highest paid player at each position should start is ridiculous. Daniel Theis is the highest paid center at the moment, and is undersized and offensively limited. Robert Williams, who is still on a rookie deal, presents athletic upside on a cheaper deal. He’s a long term answer and more effective than Theis on both ends. He also provides more of a leadership presence on the court. Robert Williams shows his athleticism against the Memphis Grizzlies in the Summer League...

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