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Author: Jim Weidner

Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy Needs to Step Up

In their 23-10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings this past Sunday the Green Bay Packers just didn’t lose the game, but they also lost their best player in quarterback Aaron Rodgers to a broken collarbone, and with that they lost their deodorant. Besides being arguably the best quarterback in the NFL, Rodgers hid most, if not all, of the Packers shortcomings. Rodgers remarkable playmaking ability doesn’t just hide the mounting injuries on the offensive line or at times a lack of running game. It also bails out the Packers defense that has once again has struggled, especially on third...

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Offensive Lineman Lane Taylor Has Been the Unsung Hero for the Green Bay Packers

When you are talking about heroes for the Green Bay Packers there are quite a few names that come to mind. The obvious ones, like quarterback Aaron Rodgers, wide receivers Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams, and most recently, rookie running back Aaron Jones. But there is one player, a player that many might not expect, but a player who has been given arguably the most important task on the Packers offense the past two games. Offensive lineman Lane Taylor has been the unsung hero for the Green Bay Packers. Offensive Lineman Lane Taylor Has Been the Unsung Hero for...

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The Green Bay Packers Next Man Up Mantra Being Pushed to the Limit

Every NFL team has to deal with injuries, it is just the nature of the beast.  For the Green Bay Packers, they live by the mantra “next man up” when they lose a member of their roster to injury. Meaning it is up to the next man to step in and help the Packers not miss a beat.  However, this season, the Green Bay Packers next man up mantra is being pushed to the limit. They have dealt with key injuries not only on offense but also on defense. They have been able to push through, but it is...

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