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Author: Jeff Suwak

Mickey Gall Hype Train Will be Tested Against Randy Brown at UFC 217

Heading into his UFC 217 fight against Randy Brown, Mickey Gall finds himself in a strange position (no, not the Von Flue choke). At only 25 years old, he’s 4-0 in his professional career, and 3-0 in MMA’s premier organization. Yet many hardcore fans, along with his fellow fighters, consider him to be an untested prospect. The whole situation illustrates the weird paradox that is the Mickey Gall hype train. Mickey Gall Hype Train Heads to UFC 217 Gall’s own penchant for using public call-outs to get high profile money fights has painted him in a corner. He’s gotten...

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Igor Vovchanchyn versus Mark Kerr: Old School MMA

It’s probably difficult for new MMA fans to understand the thrill of fights such as the one that “Ice Cold” Igor Vovchanchyn and Mark “The Smashing Machine” Kerr had on September 12, 1999, for the Pride Fighting Championships (Pride FC). To those of us who cut our teeth on old school MMA, however, it was pure electricity. In modern MMA, the top-tier fighters are at least competent in every aspect of the sport. Everybody still has their bread and butter, but in any given fight they might pull off something completely unexpected. Neither Vovchanchyn, or Kerr, fit that bill. Each...

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