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Author: @jaxbrown725

Breaking News: Kyrie Will Not Re-Sign with the Celtics

Late last night, Celtics All-Star Kyrie Irving said to multiple beat reporters that an extension this summer doesn’t make any sense for him financially. He joked that he’s not looking forward to the daily questions about his future, and reiterated that his sole focus is remaining healthy for the season while zeroing in on a championship. He fielded questions about curiosities surrounding the team and it’s promise to compete for a ring, though it took a back seat to his looming free agency. Celtics fans are losing sleep lately with the back and forth of if he’ll stay or when he’ll go. The latter is shaping up as expected, and don’t expect the rumor mill to stop producing. Let’s examine Kyrie’s press release to get a clearer picture on what’s seeming to be his inevitable departure. Good Times Never Seemed so Good As much as Boston faithful doesn’t want to admit, Kyrie Irving might not be looking to be neighbors with Tom Brady. In fact, he has between 86 to 106 million reasons why he should leave Boston at the end of the 2019 season. When Irving was traded to the Celtics there were echoes of rejoice. Having acquired a young, promising, perennial All-Star PG with a championship under his belt and a chip on his shoulder, he immediately fit in. Becoming the face of the franchise and bringing the Celtics...

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Boston Harbor to the Big Apple?

If you’ve never been, New England weather is crazy. Multiple blizzards in a week, snow showers in April, and trade winds all year. You can’t Google a sports team around here and not see a headline surrounding controversy, especially lately. Recently, Kyrie Irving’s name has come up as speculation that he may leave TD Garden for Madison Square’s next year with his upcoming pending free agency. There’s been reported concern, said Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports/NBC Sports Boston on Thursday during his podcast, that the New York Knicks are a ‘real threat’. And it holds weight. Not only had Uncle Drew openly stated desire to break ankles in front of Spike Lee, but he’s been non-committal to Danny and the gang, which doesn’t always appease Ainge. You thought this year was funky? The fun hasn’t even started for Boston. For now, let’s examine some reasons Kyrie could be playing with a unicorn instead of a leprechaun. The Grass Isn’t Always ‘Greener’ From the time Kyrie hit the court in Boston, he dazzled the crowd with shifty ball handling and magican-like passing. Scoring at a high level with 24.4 PPG, he’s the prototype PG you’d want on your team. Never selfish and always supportive, he proved himself the leader he sought to be when he forced his way from LeBron’s shadow in Cleavland. That shadow has seemed to eclipse what the Celtics had...

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LeBron to Boston Makes Zero Sense

Regarded and self-identified as the “best player in the world”, LeBron James has yet another ‘decision’ to make this summer. With the Golden State Warriors one game away from dropping him to 3-6 in the Finals, James could possibly be looking to take his talents, again, somewhere else. After a 2018 Finals run for the King and all his men, LBJ is presenting beat, worn down, and plain tired of carrying a majority of the load. By now, we all know the name and what he brings, so why wouldn’t the Celtics try to make a run at him right? The dynamic would be interesting, but it could also be forever damaging. Danny, if you’re reading this, for the love of Larry Bird do not consider this move. The case for having LeBron on your team is hard to dispute. However, there’s better reason to keep the King in a far away land that goes deeper than stats. Here’s why: Style and Grace Over the years, Boston basketball has transformed from a slow-paced, give Paul Pierce the ball and move, to the run and gun, high-flying showcase we see today. Maneuvering with an up-tempo style and constant ball movement, it’s something LBJ is almost unstoppable at when he has room in the paint. Aside from a Tatum throw-down or a Brown slash to the hoop, Boston’s ability to get...

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Smart Move?

 Marcus Smart has been nothing short of being the electric spark that gets Boston fans excited nightly. The stats that don’t show up are what makes him extremely valuable in today’s NBA, which has earned him the respect he deserves. From hustle plays to his especially stifling defense, Smart might not be “flashy”, but he could be the right signing for the right price. Given his RFA status this off-season, he went on to say: “To be honest, I’m worth more than $12-$14 Million. Just for the things I do on the court that don’t show up .. You don’t find guys like that.” Hmm. Maybe. Defense is pretty awful in the NBA, and it is tough to put a price on great D. But let’s take a deeper look to see how valuable Marcus is, and what would be the ‘smart’ decision that deals with his upcoming contract situation. Dollar Dollar Bills, Y’all  $12-$14 million doesn’t seem like a lot in professional sports, but to us mud bloods that’s a whole bunch of change. Unfortunately, as things stand, Boston will have three players (Irving, Horford, Hayward) with cap hits over $20 million next season. This leaves doubt that the Celtics would be able to afford Marcus. It’s tough to argue that the C’s are in need of a guard with Irving coming back and the emergence of Rozier. Plus,...

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