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Author: Goudy

Red Sox Players to Get Excited for in 2018: Carson Smith

There doesn’t seem to be a player who is deeper under the radar on the Boston Red Sox than Carson Smith. If Boston wants to take command of the AL East this year, the bullpen is going to have to take people by surprise. Smith may not be the biggest stand out in the arsenal. But the potential support he could give to this pitching staff may be a huge difference maker for a contending team. Injury & Statistics If you haven’t heard of Carson Smith, you can probably thank Dr. Andrews for that. Carson underwent Tommy John last season before even being able to touch a ball in the regular season. Going under the knife took Smith out all the way into the late portion of the season, only allowing him to appear in eight games. Was it worth it? Carson came back with a healthy possibly stronger arm than before and he sure showed it. With those eight games, Smith put up an ERA of 1.35. In those 6.2 innings of work, Boston saw the arm they’d been craving all season. The craving which led to the impulse signing of Addison Reed. What may be even more exciting is the numbers Smith was able to put up in the only full season of work under his belt in 2015. Even a little of this in the middle of the...

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Red Sox Players to Get Excited for in 2018: Rafael Devers

As the season nears every day, memories from the Fall come to my mind. Thinking about the series against Houston may hit a weak spot in the guts of Red Sox Nation. But there is one moment that I look back to that makes me excited for 2018. Rafael Devers did something in the last game of that series that no one saw coming. Something not always expected from a stocky power-hitting third baseman. That moment will bring together the excitement. Inside the Park Home Run: Why Devers In 2018 Is Excited: Baseball Reference is the usual spot for baseball statistics, but I think they should be called out. Raffy Big Stick put up an impressive line in 2017, all within the span of 58 games. Not bad for a 20-year-old. Devers was able to become a stable source of power throughout his call-up in Boston. A reliable source for a team that was in the spotlight for a team in one of the hardest divisions in baseball. Each at-bat it seemed like Devers could bring everyone around, no matter who was on the bump. Ask Aroldis Chapman. To me with a full season, one would think his 2018 year will be just as productive. Baseball Reference seems to not think the same. In fact, they believe the difference of 80 games that Raffy will only grab 3 more home...

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