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Author: George Daus


REGRESSION TO THE MEAN After a blazing hot start to the season, the Celtics have come back down to earth a bit in the month of December. Having lost just two games in both October (first 2 games of season) and November, they’ve hit that mark in December less than two weeks in. Not long ago, it seemed like this team might not lose another game. Now, the reality of the long haul that is an NBA season is starting to set in, as the Celtics try to navigate injuries, tough stretches of the schedule, and players hitting potential walls. The latter is highly characteristic of youthful players, in which the C’s have many. LONG SEASON That reality smacked everyone in the face after a blowout loss to the then 5-20 Bulls. Even rookie sensation Jayson Tatum had a truly poor all-around game for seemingly the first time in his career. In the next game against the Nuggets, the C’s gave up a season high 118 points. Tatum did bounce back with the swagger of a vet, however, contributing in his uniquely important role for a rookie. Back to his usual self, he made selective but big plays all game long, and they found a way to win. Kyrie also once again showed what he can do in the clutch. Still, you have to wonder how far a team...

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DANCING TO A DIFFERENT BEAT “I see you. I see everyone. More than just your physical presence, I see your energy. I feel it. I know it.”  These were some of the words spoken by Kyrie, to the people at the Thanksgiving meal for the Boston Center for Youth & Families. I think it is safe to say Kyrie Irving has a different focus than most people. In interviews, there is a sense that he is on a completely different page than the reporters asking the questions. It makes for occasionally odd answers to simple questions. Most people write it off as weird, but he just might be on to something. After all, his focus has taken him to heights not many human beings can even fathom. Still, Kyrie has been known to say some outlandish things. For instance, when he challenged the dimensions of the earth. Knowing Kyrie has never been afraid to challenge ideas and provoke thought, I wondered if there was an ulterior motive to his viewpoint. “..literally the whole intent was just to open up for people to do their own research. That was the only intent. It wasn’t to, OK, let me figure out and go against science. Let me go against what I’ve been told and what’s right and all this stuff. It was just literally with the intent of just wake up...

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BIG PICTURE The magical win streak is over, coming to a halt in Miami. It stretched to 16 games, just 3 shy of tying a franchise record. Even this close to re-writing significant parts of an illustrious Celtics history, Brad Stevens couldn’t find a reason for high praise just yet. “We haven’t played well enough to consider this win streak to be valid in my opinion. We’ve figured out ways to win games. We gotta play a lot better.” Team chemistry is coming along nicely. Stevens is starting to find pairings that work together, but overall it is still a work in progress. No one knew what to expect out of the C’s this year, especially after Hayward’s injury. Since, they have proven they are a team that is ready to play every night. These C’s will still be a force in the playoffs, even if they are underdogs. That’s how it’s been since Stevens arrived in 2013, and his teams have overachieved every year since. This new group is showing they are no different; they will fight until the end, just as in years past. The streak showed these guys are able to fight through adversity whether it be big picture or in-game situations. Despite the amazing feat, the Celtics know they can play a lot better. “It wasn’t like we were necessarily dominating during the streak. But...

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