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Author: G-Off

RECAP 7: King of Sorrow

Let’s get something out of the way early here. The New York Rangers are unequivocally, 100%, a terrible hockey team.  This I can say with absolute confidence. I watch a lot of hockey.  That means I’ve watched a lot of good hockey, but I’ve also watch a lot of bad hockey.  Hell, I’ve willingly watched Mike Johnston coach the Penguins FFS. But there is Arizona bad…and then there’s the Rangers.  They’re so bad that they make the Vegas Knights Twitter game look elite. This should really come as no surprise to anyone with a pulse and a moderately functioning...

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RECAP 6: Panther Like a Panther

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: The Penguins played a high scoring game against a Florida team last night. Coming off the heels of a combined 9 goal display in Tampa, the Pens invited the Panthers to the Consol Energy Paints Arena to combined for 7 goals as the Pens held on though 46 shots against and 5 powerplay chances against to bump themselves above .500 6 games into the season. Matt Murray was, by and large, brilliant in this one, making 43 saves.  But his great was probably overshadowed by Crosby being a damn warlock in...

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RECAP 5: Caught in the Storm

Over the past several years, the Penguins have had some polarizing figures grace their lineup. Steve Downey.  Tanner Glass.  Marc-Andre Fleury.  Sirhan Sirhan.  Sometimes Derrick Pouliot.  Cardboard Brooks Orpik. You can add Antti Niemi to that list. Because for some reason, after just 5 games, a backup goalie who will likely play only about 25 games is the new scapegoat.  It’s like Jeff Zatkoff never left! Nevermind the fact that this was the second half of a back-to-back.  Nevermind the fact that both games were against the two other big dogs in the East.  Nevermind the defense barely showing...

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RECAP 4: Right Back At It Again

Last night, there was an event in Washington D.C. in which 18,000+ beings showed up.  Some were Russians.  Others were robots.  It was an inauguration, of sorts. It was the inaugural Capitals disappointment at the hands of the Penguins. In typical Pens-Caps fashion, it didn’t matter that this was just the 4th game of the season.  They got that feel good feeling-out process done and over with early before giving this game a playoff feel. But much like the playoffs, the Capitals lost it in the 2nd. After weathering an early storm, the Penguins were able to take the...

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