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Author: G-Off

RECAP 47: Penguin of the Desert. Pens Walk Through the Desert, Top Coyotes 3-2 in OT

By: G-Off | January 19, 2019 In the penultimate game of the Pens Pacific Division road swing, the Peng managed to do two things: Avoided losing 3 straight in regulation for the 2nd time this season Didn’t die in Arizona like they did in California This leaves us with two undeniable truths: The Penguins beat a team they should beat. The Penguins are now .500 on this road trip with one game left to play. A corollary to those truths is that Matt Murray is the fucking truth.  Just one game removed from his 9 game win streak coming to...

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RECAP 45: Mortal After All. Pens Bend The Knee, Fall 5-2 in LA

By: G-Off | January 13, 2019 Hello and welcome to another episode of The West Coast Is Fine, But Its Time Zone Sucks Ass.  Today, we will be taking a look at the Penguins 5-2 loss to the Kings, a game in which no one in a real time zone watched or, frankly, probably cared about. It was the first road loss the Pens have suffered in exactly a month when they lost to a team that was and still is in the basement of the Western Conference.  Losses to these bad teams would be a little bit more...

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