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Author: G-Off

RECAP 16: Devil's Calling

By: G-Off | November 14, 2018 Games in New Jersey lick taints. Always have. Always will. First of all, they’re in New Jersey. Have you ever been to New Jersey? Imagine if Sloth from The Goonies did a #3 inside a boiling gallon of sentient dumpster piss and they had a baby.  That fucked up offspring is that state. It’s like taking all of the shitty parts of Philly and New York and mashing it into an asshole grinder. Secondly, nothing good has ever happened in or come out of New Jersey.  That sure as shit wasn’t changing with...

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RECAP 15: Slump Busted

By: G-Off | November 11, 2018 Turns out, all the Penguins needed to turn shit around was: Get publicly criticized,  ridiculed, threatened to be trade bait by their GM Play the Coyotes Profit In fact, there’s a song written about this exact situation if memory serves: They think they’re shitty but they ain’t shitty lets face it, shit basicallyThey just playing sick, they ain’t shit. They ain’t saying shit, spray ’em SidneyP to the K, get in the way he’ll bring Phil! and them wit himAnd turn this day into fucking mayhem you staying with me?Don’t let me lose you,...

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