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Author: @fhmccabe

40 Hours with the Patriots

‘Don’t be jealous,’ my Mom used to say. Jealousy, as an emotion, is weak and useless. I was taught to always cheer people on and be happy when good things happen. Well, this week, my Mom admitted she was jealous. As a sports fan – specifically a die-hard New England Patriots fan –  I got the opportunity of a lifetime.  Through the team, my new best friends, Draft Kings, Weber Shandwick and some good old-fashioned fate I was able to be a part of the Patriots experience, up close and personal.  The invite to travel, stay, play and be...

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TOP 10 – Hefner Edition: If Playmates Were Patriots

If Tom Brady is, in fact, the Greatest of All Time as an NFL Quarterback, then the late Hugh Hefner is certainly the GOAT of the flesh industry (although, Dave ‘El Pres’ Portnoy is chasing a legend). Hefner, the brains and (anything-but-blue) balls behind the American dream that was Playboy Magazine, passed away at the tender age of 91 this week; no doubt with a giant smile on his face.  This legend spent more than half of a century rocking a velvet robe and a captain’s hat while smiling and sauntering around the globe’s most beautiful women.  Not only...

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