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Author: @dylan_gale17

The Under Appreciation of Tuukka Rask- By the Numbers

It’s no secret that fans of Boston sports have become spoiled over the years. Our four teams have collectively won ten championships since 2001 and Boston is the winningest sports city of the 21st century. It’s a great label to have, but these consistent banners have led to fans expecting nearly unattainable results. High expectations are nothing new in Boston, but Tuukka Rask shouldn’t be under any scrutiny. A DEPENDABLE ASSET Rask has a .922 career save percentage to go with a 2.26 goals-against average. Anybody would admit that these are solid numbers, but most don’t realize just how impressive they really are. According to, Rask leads all active NHL goalies in both categories. He beats out Lundqvist, Schneider, Quick and all the other superstar goalies in the NHL. Fans might want to consider this before begging for someone else. He’s also yet to have his first statistically “bad” NHL season. The league average for save percentage typically hovers around .915, which is the lowest Rask has ever gone in a single season. This essentially means that even in his worst season, he was still average in comparison to the other goalies around the league. His goals-against average is just as impressive.  The league average spiked 7% this season but it usually hovers around 2.6. Rask’s career low is 2.67, and this speaks volumes to his consistency.  Even in an off year, he’ll still allow less than three goals per game.  That’s the kind of dependability teams need to be successful. His play in the postseason, believe it or not, is even better. ...

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J.D. Martinez Is Proving His Worth

The city of Boston is all too familiar with big name players failing to meet expectations. Just look at guys like Daisuke, Pablo Sandoval, or Carl Crawford to name a few. The pressure of playing in Boston isn’t for everyone, but J.D. Martinez is looking good.   AN OFFENSIVE DYNAMO Manager Alex Cora has slotted Martinez in the clean-up spot all season, and it seems to be paying off. His 32 hits through 97 at-bats accumulates to a .330 average, which is good for fourth on the team. Martinez is also leading the Sox with 22 RBI’s. This puts him on pace for 143 by the end of the season.  He won’t keep this rate up, but it’s exactly what you want to see out of your cleanup hitter. He’s been driving in runs, but power is his biggest asset.  Martinez is second on the team with five home runs, but it’s only April.  He’s a righty at the plate and he’ll send plenty of balls over the Green monster as the season progresses.  He’s coming off a career high 45 home run season, and should be able to take full advantage of Fenway Park.  This is an area where the Red Sox desperately need help, finishing 27th in the league last season. Martinez also puts up consistent batting averages.  He’s hit over .300 in each of the last two seasons and three times in his seven-year career.  Eduardo Nunez...

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Giancarlo Stanton Can’t Handle the Pressure of New York

It wasn’t long ago that Red Sox Nation was collectively brought to its hands and knees, begging for Giancarlo Stanton. He has the power that the Sox need, and one can only imagine the damage he’d do at Fenway Park.  He hit 59 home runs last season in Miami, which could translate to 70+ in Boston. It could’ve been a great fit, but this selling point wasn’t enough.  Following in the footsteps of Alex Rodriguez, Stanton is now a New York Yankee.  Missing out on Stanton is tough, but he isn’t looking like the $25,000,000 man he’s made out to be. DISSECTING THE NUMBERS Through 20 games and 91 plate appearances, Stanton has racked up a grand total of 15 hits. This accumulates to a .185 batting average, and his home run production doesn’t made him look any better. He has four home runs on the season, which puts him on pace for 32 by year’s end. This would be a 46% decrease from his total a year ago. It’s not a good look for the reigning home run champion.  He has the potential to tear the cover off the ball, but it isn’t happening yet in New York.  Hitting for power is his forte, so this is surely frustrating for the Yankees. Stanton’s stats at home are particularly atrocious.  As if things could get even worse, he has...

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