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Author: @dylan_gale17

If I Were NHL Commissioner

If I Were NHL Commissioner In the 2015-16 season we were blessed with the implementation of 3 on 3 over-time. This makes for a far more exciting five minutes of bonus hockey and really gives the more skilled players an opportunity to showcase their talent. It just takes one player to lose his man or turn the puck over and then it’s an odd-man rush coming the other way. And when I say “odd-man rush” this even includes the occasional 3 on 0. Changes like this really rejuvenate the game of hockey and keep things interesting, and the following are some of the changes I’d make if I were commissioner of the NHL. Fans Design Alternate Jerseys  If the fans are the ones putting down $200+ on an authentic jersey, don’t you think maybe they should have a say in what it looks like? Each team should hold an offseason contest where fans submit jersey designs to the team, ownership picks their top 10, and the fans vote on which one they like the most. Whichever one gets the most votes will become that teams 3rd jersey just for that year. The teams would need to do this very early in the off-season in order for Adidas to have adequate time for production, but it’s something that the fans would love. Continuous 3 on 3, No Shootouts  Shootouts can be fun, but it’s no way to...

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Adam Mcquaid’s Return Could Help the Bruins More Than You’d Think

The issue with being a shut-down defenseman is that they’re often-times underappreciated. Today’s NHL showcases more skill and speed than ever before, and the fans will always be more drawn to the big-name players. This makes the stay-at-home guys even more prone to flying under the radar, but let’s not forget about Adam McQuaid. He was sidelined for three months after breaking his fibula, but the return of the fourth longest tenured Bruin could help the team down the stretch. McQuaid’s Intangibles Standing at 6’4- 212lbs, the Cornwall, Prince Edward Island native has always been one to lay the body and protect the front of the net. He’s absolutely tough as nails and has racked up 51 fights at the NHL level. He can throw hands with just about anybody in the league, and it shows in his record. According to, he’s a career 49-9-20 between his time in the OHL, AHL, and NHL. The fans also love that he never wastes time getting in the punches. With fighting gradually becoming less and less prevalent we often see two guys square up, latch on, and tap out after 15 seconds of nothing. McQuaid’s more into the run and gun approach, and the second he’s toe to toe the hands are flying. Some of his more notable take downs even include guys like Matt Martin, Nikita Zadorov, and John Scott. Having the willingness to scrap heavyweights like this is respectable enough, but having the ability to come out on top is beyond impressive. Playstyle Although McQuaid’s style of play is centered around toughness and physicality he’s...

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Boston’s Contributions to Miracle on Ice Still Remembered 38 Years Later

“11 seconds, you got 10 seconds. The countdown going on right now! Morrow up to Silk, 5 seconds left in the game! Do you believe in miracles? Yes!”. These words spoken by legendary broadcaster Al Michaels are forever engraved in the history of USA hockey. The call came in the closing seconds of what may be the greatest upset in the history of sports. The political ties made it much more than a hockey game. Known as the miracle on ice, the United States’ upset the USSR on the night of February 22nd, 1980. That game forever changed the image of USA hockey. Even 38 years later it still doesn’t add up. How did a team of American college kids beat a team who lit up the NHL All-Stars 6-0? I mean, you’d think if anybody could beat the Soviet Red Army it’d be the NHL All-Stars. However even with the Eastern and Western conferences combined, it was still no contest. Known primarily for their intricate passing plays, the Soviets showed the world a whole new style of hockey. Their domination only further enforced the communist propaganda of the USSR. The USSR used the team’s success Winter Games, the Red Army only lost one Olympic contest in the past 16 years, taking home the gold on all four occasions. The odds were completely stacked against the Americans, but their perseverance...

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Brad Marchand Needs to Stop Making Illegal Hits

I loved every minute of watching Brad Marchand wreak havoc in the 2011 Stanley Cup final, but there’s a difference between now and then. In 2011 Marchand was a twenty-two year old rookie still trying to prove his worth in the NHL. But now, he’s a superstar that the Bruins need on the ice. As the team’s leader he can’t keep making dumb decisions like this. Marchand shattered his career high in points during the 2016-17 season and is on pace to do just the same this year. Even with his missed time earlier in the season factored in with the recent suspension, he is still on pace to finish with ninety points. The 1.32 points per game that he’s produced this year leads the league and emphasizes his value in each and every game. He’s on the best line in the NHL. Their production is something that Bruins fans haven’t seen since the days of Marc Savard. The trio of Marchand, Bergeron, and Pastrnak have been white-hot since early December and have led the way during the B’s current eighteen game point streak. But thanks to his own stupidity, Marchand may have just tampered with the momentum of the entire team. The Suspension What it comes down to is that the hit was both stupid and selfish. I know it’s a split-second decision, but the well-being of the team should instinctively come first. Even in just...

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What’s Different About the Bruins?

The Bruins have finished the last three seasons with nearly identical numbers, finishing with 96, 93, and 95 points. We were treated to a brief playoff appearance last season, but they certainly weren’t ready to make the jump into the upper tier of the league. Luckily for B’s fans, this year is different. Currently sitting comfortably with the second spot in the Atlantic and on pace for 113 points, this poses one question: what’s making a difference? Goaltending For starters, the Bruins have two goalies who have put up solid numbers. Rask got off to a slow start, posting an October save percentage of just .896. This lead to some early season controversy regarding the starting position, seeing as Khudobin came out of the gate hot. But around early December, Rask’s play transformed into what we’re used to seeing out of him. With Khudobin also continuing his stellar season, the Bruins have consequently climbed the standings going 15-2-4 since December 1st. As of today, Rask has started thirty games to Khudobin’s seventeen, emphasizing the faith that the coaching staff has behind both of them. And seeing as both goalies currently boast a season save percentage north of 92% and a GAA below 2.4, it comes as no surprise to see both of them getting their minutes. The Young Guys In addition to the dynamic duo between the pipes, the Bruins have also enjoyed plenty of production from players...

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Don’t Forget About Danton Heinen

The Fountain of Youth One of the main stories of the 2017-18 season has been the success of this year’s rookie class. Highlighted by Matt Barzal, Brock Boeser, Clayton Keller, and Bruins’ own Charlie McAvoy, it’s clear that the Calder race is in full effect. Anybody in the hockey world would tell you that one of those four players is bound to win the award. But let’s not forget about Danton Heinen. This guy is the unsung hero of the Boston Bruins yet caught in the shadow of this year’s rookie class. Heinen played for two years at the University of Denver after being selected by the B’s in the fourth round of the 2014 Draft. After putting up 93 points in just two seasons, he decided to turn pro. Following a solid 2016-17 season in Providence, Heinen was one of the last players cut at this years training camp. Subsequently he responded by racking up eight points in Providence’s first four games, and quickly got the call. Heinen’s Effect Since then, Heinen has made a home for himself in the NHL. He has notched 31 points through 40 games. Initially, coach Bruce Cassidy called Heinen up in hopes of him adding tenacity to the lineup. He said that he saw a “willingness to stay in the battle” that Heinen didn’t have in his earlier years as a prospect. He continued to mention it was particularly his “growth when it comes to winning...

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