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Author: Drew Lutts

Giancarlo Stanton: The Unmatched MVP

Giancarlo Stanton had 59 home runs, and a .631 slugging percentage. He was the league leader in both those stats. He also had all around good defense in right field. Stanton is a monster of a man, who had a monster season. Now he’s your NL MVP. Stanton beat Joey Votto and Paul Goldschmidt, while slugging his way to the award. How He Did it Stanton had a strong slash line along with his stats as he was .281/.376/.631. He added in a league leading 59 home runs, 132 RBI and scored 123 total runs. The Miami Marlins weren’t...

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Joey Votto: Why He Deserves The MVP

Joey Votto is hands down one of the top players in MLB. Disagreeing with that statement makes one sound uneducated, or makes one just simply a hater. His numbers, year in and year out, will put him in the MLB Hall of Fame. I’m here to tell you why. You Simply Can’t Replace Him Since his debut in late 2007, we all knew that Votto was going to be special, in just twenty four games, he hit .321/.360/.528. Since then, he’s been a top-five hitter and it’s no debate. He has legendary plate vision and discipline, drawing 996 base...

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Zack Cozart and the Future of the Reds’ Shortstop

As you may or may not know, Cincinnati Reds shortstop Zack Cozart is an impending free agent this winter. Here are five things the Reds could do to keep him or fill this void. Extend a Qualifying Offer of $18 Million The first thing the Reds should look at is extending the $18M qualifying offer to Cozart. First, we look at his plate production and what he brings to the table. As a number two hitter, he had a slash line of .297/.385/.548 in 2017. This is exactly the production the Reds need out of Cozart. This was a...

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