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Prime Candidates for the Patriots Defensive Coordinator Role Next Year

There hasn’t been a defensive coordinator since Matt Patricia left for the Lions roughly two years ago. This year Bill Belichick will once again take the role of defensive play-caller while he continues to search for the perfect person for the job. Here we will look at the most likely candidates to have the role of defensive coordinator. These are ranked by likeliness, not by who would be the best in the role. 5. Brian Flores Belichick is VERY picky when choosing a new defensive coordinator. To even be considered you must have some experience with the Patriots system. That moves a lot of candidates off the table. But say that Flores struggles with coaching a terrible Dolphins squad and gets fired by the offseason. Belichick would not be afraid to bring him back. Flores was solid with the Pats the year prior as the defensive assistant, so he knows what it takes to be the defensive coordinator. He also has been with them for 15 years in different capacities. He knows what it takes to be successful for the Patriots, and Belichick will not hold the fact that Flores left against him. 4. Greg Schiano Yes, he resigned before he was even hired last year because he wanted to spend time with his family. But the way I see it, is this was just a break before he...

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Why The Patriots Linebacker Unit Will Be Successful This Year

The Patriots linebackers will have a positive impact defensively, and will be crucial for the teams success. New, old, and returning Patriots have come together to form a truly scary unit. ( The two coaches with the most influence over this group is easily Jerod Mayo(Linebackers Coach) and Bill Belichick(Head Coach/Defensive Play-caller). Luckily for the unit, these two are the best men for the job. Bill Belichick No one can forget Belichick’s genius as a coach. His command for discipline, and the ability to get the most out of his players, is admired around the league. But what some may forget, is that he was a top defensive coordinator in the league during his Giants and Jets days. As a DC for nine years, he led FIVE top-five defenses, three top-10, and only one year of top-15. In that time span he also won TWO championships, both with the Giants. He was widely considered one of the best defensive coaches in the league, even with the help of talents such as Lawrence Taylor. With him as the defensive play-caller for the Pats next year, it means nothing will get lost in translation when talking to players or calling plays. Jerod Mayo Jerod Mayo wasn’t just a superb linebacker, but he is also a true leader. He was named captain FOUR times in a row during his playing career. His...

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The Future: Red Sox Top Minor League Prospects

The future of the Red Sox appears to be in good hands with a collection of raw, high potential prospects in the minors. In light of the recent success from young players like Rafael Devers and Michael Chavis, here we look at the very best the Red Sox have left to offer in the minors. Age:19 Position: 1B/3B Height: 6′ 4″ Weight: 240 lb. Bat/Throw: L/R While he is a bit far away from joining the big leagues, Casas has the potential to be a future All-Star regular for the Sox. This is clearly shown in the fact that he is currently ranked #90 on MLB top 100 prospects, and #4 on top 10 first basemen. He has won the U18 World Cup MVP honors, and the World Baseball Softball Confederation player of the year award in 2017. His greatest strength is his power, as he lead the U.S. U18 national team in homers and RBIs in both 2016 and 2017. He also has 17 homers in under 100 games in 2019, fueled by his size. He also is a perfect man for the corners of the diamond, as his 90 mph pitching arm from his amateur days makes for a supreme defensive weapon. Combine that with his soft hands and strong conditioning, and he can be one of the best defenders on the field. His only clear downside...

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Five Power Forward Trade Options for the Boston Celtics

This summer the Boston Celtics lost center Al Horford in Free Agency, a player that some considered to be the most valuable on the roster, as well as their starting power forward Marcus Morris. They even traded away center Aron Baynes, the Celtics answer to Embiid and Giannis. While they did sign Enes Kanter, among other role players to replace the losses, they still lack a sure starter at the four. Today we will look at five potential trade acquisitions to fill the void. Yes, he is 34 and past his prime. But he is valuable in both his ability to lead a squad of younger players, as well his contract, which is expiring after this season. His offensive game is similar to that of Horford’s, and Millsap is even a better rebounder. But his best asset is his ability to anchor the defense, just like Horford. The Nuggets would most likely trade him because they fear losing him for nothing, as well as the prospect of getting young players. A deal with the Nuggets could potentially be a swap of Brown, Hayward, and a first rounder for Millsap and Grant. Griffin, a top 20 player in the league, once again has a chance of joining the Celtics. The athletic “point” forward displayed quite possibly his best season yet last year, coming back strong from an only 25 game...

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