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Author: Dan Stack

Key to New York Giants Defense Could Be Resurgence of Olivier Vernon

Last season a lot went wrong for the New York Giants. That was a message brought to you by Captain Obvious. Between baffling coaching decisions, locker room consternation to countless injuries, the Giants could simply not get out of their own way in 2017. One injury, in particular, that was overlooked was the ankle injury that linebacker Olivier Vernon suffered last season. While his injury occurred when the Giants were already in a tailspin, his absence had a major and lingering impact on the Giants’ troubles. Vernon, 27, is still in the prime of his career, and his resurgence...

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Five Things to Watch for as New York Giants Training Camp Opens

Coming off a disastrous 2017 campaign, the New York Giants enter training camp this summer with a renewed sense of optimism. After an off-season where New York made organizational changes, shored up their weaknesses and supplemented their already strong offense through free agency and the draft, the Giants and many of their fans think a turnaround could be in the cards. You don’t go 3-13 by accident, though, and while injuries (hello, Odell Beckham) did derail the Giants 2017 season, they were, for the most part, a hapless and hopeless crew ever since the 2017 season began. Thus, a...

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