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Author: Connor Lapalme Editor

Montreal Canadiens Top Candidates For New Laval Rocket Head Coach

The Montreal Canadiens announced yesterday (April 17th) that Sylvain Lefebvre was relieved of his duties as head coach of the AHL Laval Rocket. The move was overdue, as Lefebvre failed to impress in any capacity as coach of the Habs farm team. As soon as the firing was announced, speculation began about his possible replacement. With Lefebvre gone, someone needs to fill the role. The Canadiens need to find a new Laval Rocket head coach. Many felt that the move to relieve Sylvain Lefebvre of his duties was long overdue. His track record is not exactly something to be...

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Last Word on Habs Pod: Montreal Canadiens Season Wrap-Up

The Last Word on Habs Pod is brought to you by the Last Word on Sports Network. Co-hosted by the LWOH Montreal Canadiens team manager Connor Lapalme and Johannes Wheeldon, it is a weekly look at the Habs and features guests from the Last Word on Sports community and others. Join us for smart takes, controversial opinions, and news you can use about the Montreal Canadiens. Be sure to follow @LWOS_Habs for Habs news, commentary, and analysis. Connor and Johannes return for the season finale of the Last Word on Habs Pod. This episode, our hosts discuss and dissect the...

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1989 Montreal Canadiens: The Last Great Habs Team

The Montreal Canadiens are the most storied franchise in NHL history. With the most Stanley Cups (24) and most finals appearances (34), there are a plethora of great Canadiens teams in their history. Still, it’s not hard to see that in the past 30 years, the Canadiens have not been able to replicate their rich history. There have been blips and flashes, but nothing really substantial. Looking back, the 1989 Montreal Canadiens was the last great Habs team. First off, if you know your Habs history, you know this team did NOT win the Stanley Cup (more on that...

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Montreal Canadiens Most Disappointing Playoff Performances (Since 1993)

As the 2017-18 season draws to a close for the Montreal Canadiens, fans are left frustrated that there will be no playoff hockey for the Habs this year. If you live in Montreal, you know that there is an energy and vibe in the air when the Canadiens are heading to playoffs that cannot be described. It’s something you feel in your bones. It’s a mixture of hope, anticipation, and excitement that only the playoffs can bring coupled with the warm spring sun that puts winter is in the rearview mirror, if only for a few months. While the...

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