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Author: Cole Finup

Green Bay Packers Under Pressure To Succeed in 2018

The Green Bay Packers missed the playoffs in 2017 after eight consecutive trips to the postseason. With more roster turnover than previous years, this team will be headed in a different direction next season. There are several players and coaching personnel that should shift philosophies on both sides of the ball. As new faces emerge and impact this year’s squad, certain players will have to prove their worth to the future of the organization. There are several Packers under pressure to continue playing at a high level while others must find a way to break out as impact players...

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Green Bay Packers All-Franchise Team

As the dog days of the NFL summer approach, we at Last Word On Sports introduce our “All-Franchise” teams for each of the league’s 32 clubs. For this series, our football writers have composed all-time rosters compiled with the greatest players in each franchise’s history at each position along with their time and accomplishments with the team. From offense to defense to special teams, each unit is displayed on a first-team, “starter” basis only. The offensive lineup is comprised of one quarterback, one running back, three wide receivers, one tight end and five offensive linemen. Though “fullback” was omitted...

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